Bruce Warner (8 Dec 2010)

Dear Doves,

Nowhere in Scripture can I find that the 'great tribulation' is a world-wide event, but rather it seems to be confined to Israel.

Matthew 24:21 describes the 'great tribulation' as beginning AFTER the 'abomination of desolation' is seen standing in the holy
place - in God's temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

Matthew 24:16 says, "Then let those who are in Judea (Israel) flee to the mountains." Why only those who are in Israel? Why not those in the rest of the world?

We know that the pouring out of the 'wrath of God' on the earth is a 'world-wide event' described in detail in the Book of
Revelation, but I do believe that the 'great tribulation' is specifically planned by God to deal with Israel.

Come Lord Jesus!

Bruce Warner