Bruce Warner (8 Dec 2010)

Dear Doves,

1 Corinthians 1:7-8
"...our Lord Jesus Christ, who will also CONFIRM YOU TO THE END, that you may be blameless IN THE DAY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST."

(This Scripture states that "THE DAY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST" is "THE END" for those who are "CONFIRMED'.)

Philippians 1:6
"....He who has begun a good work in you WILL COMPLETE IT UNTIL THE DAY OF JESUS CHRIST."

(This Scripture states that the "A GOOD WORK HE BEGUN IN YOU WILL COMPLETE" on "THE DAY OF JESUS CHRIST", but not after that day.)

Philippians 1:10
"...that you may be sincere and without offense TILL THE DAY OF CHRIST."

(This Scripture states that UNTIL "THE DAY OF CHRIST" you need to "BE SINCERE" in faith and "WITHOUT SIN" by being born-again, but not after that day.

Philippians 2:16
"holding fast the Word of Life, so that I may rejoice IN THE DAY OF CHRIST that I have not runin vain or labored in vain."

(This Scripture states that nothing counts AFTER "THE DAY OF CHRIST" for those of us who 'HOLD FAST TO THE WORD OF LIFE".)

2 Thessalonians 2:2
"not to be soon shaken in mind or though THE DAY OF CHRIST HAD COME."

(This Scripture states that we should not worry because "THE DAY OF CHRIST" HAS NOT YET COME.)

'THE DAY OF CHRIST', which is the 'DAY OF OUR RAPTURE', is revealed to us in the Scriptures.

On Your Day, Come Lord Jesus!

Bruce Warner