Bruce Warner (13 Dec 2010)

Dear Doves,

John, the writer of the Book of Revelation, writes with a 'chronological order' to the events he is witnessing. He begins Revelation 7;1 with: "After this I saw", and Revelation 7:9 with "After this I looked". The opening of the seven seals, in chronologcal order, is interrupted ONLY between the Sixth Seal and the Seventh Seal.

BEFORE the opening of the Seventh Seal, Revelation 7:14 (KJV) states, "...These are they which CAME OUT of great tribulation".
"Came out" is speaking in the 'PAST TENSE' as though the 'great tribulation' is OVER AT THIS POINT BEFORE the opening of the Seventh Seal, which I believe it is over at this point.

I believe that the Scriptures tell us that the 'great tribulation' which is 'Jacob's trouble' ends in Israel BEFORE the 'wrath of God' upon the whole world begins with the Seventh Seal.

According to Your Word, Come Lord Jesus!

Bruce Warner