Bonnie M (6 Dec 2010)
"Kamie - God and Advanced Dementia"

My sympathy for you, your family and mother as her dementia advances.
Your and my experience are very similiar.

My mother passed away 3 months ago, 2 months before her 91st birthday.
She had suffered from diabetes for many years, but managed it beautifully
and was in good health (for her age) until she fell and broke her hip 5
years ago.  Her dementia (evident before her fall) went into high-gear.
Cause of death was advanced dementia and "failure to thrive".

My experience was very similiar as I became her power of health and spent
much time with her during the 5 months prior to her death under the care
of Hospice.  Very near the end, she thought I was her mother, or did not
even acknowledge any family member or physical presence.  I had the
priviledge of being with her when she passed.  13 hours before leaving
this world, she sat up in bed, asked for her favorite foods (watermelon
and choc. ice cream - eating almost all of it!).

During this "last meal", she was bright, alert and conversing with myself
and Hospice attendents saying she talked to my father (passed 30 years
ago) and was told she need to let go.  In addition, she said he expressed
to her there was no reason to worry about the children (we are all in our
late 50s - early 60s) because we would be with them both and everything
would be absolutely wonderful (her words).  She was bright, cheery and

She then went into a "non-responsive state" and was gone early the next

We are going home soon - I just know it!

Your Sister-In-Christ:  Bonnie M.