Bob Ware (8 Dec 2010)
"2520 Tribulation Days, 888 and 1776 in Golden Rectangle Angles"

In my diagram I have drawn the two diagonals inside a golden rectangle and I have given the angles between them. The angle which creates the short sides of the golden rectangle is 63.434 degrees. 
        63.434 degrees x 14 = 888.076 or 888 > gematria of 'JESUS'
28 is the second perfect number and the seventh triangle number. There are 28 letters in the seven Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1.
        63.434 degrees x 28 = 1776.152 or 1776 > USA born as a nation
The gematria of the fourth word of Genesis 1:1 is 401 (Aleph + Tav).
        4 x 401 = 1604
When 1604 is the diameter of a circle then the arc opposite each short side of the golden rectangle within this circle is 888. The 90 degree arc opposite each side of a square within this circle is 1260. Thus, each 180 degree arc equals the 2520 days in the seven prophetic years of the Tribulation.
The arc opposite the long side of the golden rectangle within this circle plus the arc opposite the square equals the sum of the gematrias of 'JESUS' (888) and 'CHRIST' (1480) plus their trinity reductions of 153 and 370.