Bob K. (22 Dec 2010)
"Lunar Eclipse"

Dear John and Doves,

The lunar eclipse of Dec 21, early in the morning hours, has great prophetic significance. First, it indeed signals a change of seasons.  As at least one prophet quoted on the Doves has stated, everything that can be shaken is going to be shaken! Actually, the shaking has been occurring for a while now, but the intensity and frequency are probably going to increase, as with birth pangs. Perhaps what we have experienced so far is a prelude to what John Paul Jackson has called "the perfect storm". If so, we will see increased upheaval in the geophysical, economic, political, and other realms.

The moon is a symbol of the Church (or at least a remnant thereof), in that the moon reflects the sun, just as the Church reflects the Son. An eclipse is a "stealing away of the light" for a period of time. It comes on gradually, reaches a state of full eclipse, and then dissipates. Spiritually speaking, the eclipsing of the sun (Son) precipitates a declaration of war against the kingdom of darkness - thus, the color red, which is also the shed blood of Jesus guaranteeing victory.

A state of war, which we have been in for many centuries, is not the same thing as a declaration of war. A declaration of war launches active hostilities on a broad front. Here is where the lunar eclipse ties in with the situation in the Koreas. A tide is arising threatening to change that post-armistice state of war back into a declared ( active) war. (It is not necessary for an actual full outbreak of hostilities between North and South Korea, which I pray will not happen, for the Korean situation to be used by God as a sign.)

Until Jesus returns again in the flesh, I believe we are all called to help build the kingdom He will complete and rule over as the one righteous and just King! We are children of the Light and walk in the Light. We have God's favor, authority, and power and need to fight the good spiritual fight. The battle may be hard, but come what may, victory is assured. Let's not be afraid or dismayed, but overjoyed that we are moving ever closer to the day when the kingdom of darkness will be destroyed and the true King restores all things!!

Bob K.