Tom Bigbee (29 Dec 2010)
"RE: Melissa Costa - A Question for the Doves"

>Do you think that they could be adding something to the [TV] soundtracks…?

Yes, Melissa, they do add something.

I have watched many older shows on DVD; from Maverick, Gidget, Hogan's Heroes, Star Trek and MASH, to All Creatures Great and Small, Star Trek TNG, and a whole lot of Hallmark TV movies.

I too feel quite different after viewing these than those on live TV.  Actually, what they add to the TV shows is obvious to everyone if you think about it.

It's called advertisements!

Seriously - if anyone is adding subliminal messages I don't know but I really don't believe that stuff works.  It's the not subliminal but the in-your-face messages that crank my motor!

Yes, the ads drive me crazy, particularly when they are louder than the shows, but it's addition of the overt messages within the shows that are the most damaging.  Most of what is shown today is strewn with immorality and evil.  I don't even have to itemize the kind of stuff that is served up.  You all know it.

My advice is disconnect the antennae, cancel the cable, and sign up with Netflix.  Go to and read the Christian based reviews of any movie you think that you might want to see.  You and your kids will be much healthier and happier!

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