Tom Bigbee (16 Dec 2010)
"Tom's Christmas Quiz"

The answers are in the next post.

1) How did Mary travel to Bethlehem?
      A) On foot
      B) On a donkey
      C) On a cart
      D) On a camel
      E) None of the above

2) Why did the innkeeper refuse Joseph and Mary?
      A) He was mean
      B) The inn was only for men
      C) The inn was full
      D) So the prophecy would be fulfilled
      E) None of the above

3) What day was Jesus born?
      A) December 25
      B) December 21
      C) April 25
      D) September 25
      E) None of the above

4) Who came to visit Jesus at His birth?
      A) King Herod
      B) Shepherds
      C) Wise men
      D) Caesar Augustus
      E) None of the above

5) What cloth did Mary wrap the baby Jesus in?
      A) Her robe
      B) Oriental silk
      C) Feed bags
      D) Huge wicks
      E) None of the above

6) Who were the wise men from the east?
      A) Babylonians
      B) Kings
      C) Magicians
      D) Astrologers
      E) None of the above

7) How many wise men were there?
      A) 2
      B) 3
      C) 4
      D) 7
      E) None of the above

8) How did the wise men know when and where to look for Jesus?
      A) Ancient astrology
      B) Visions from God
      C) The I-Ching
      D) Daniel the Prophet
      E) None of the above

9) What was Jesus born in?
      A) Manger
      B) Tabernacle
      C) Stable
      D) Cave
      E) None of the above

10) The reason that Jesus did not cry was because…
      A) He was sinless
      B) Mary was the perfect mother
      C) He could talk from birth
      D) He was wrapped in swaddling cloths
      E) None of the above

11) What name did the angel tell Joseph to call Him?
      A) Emmanuel
      B) Savior
      C) Josephus
      D) Jesus
      E) None of the above

12) What is the origin of the abbreviation 'Xmas'?
      A) A commercial advertising abbreviation
      B) Secular humanists trying to take Christ out of Christmas
      C) In Hebrew the name Jesus begins with the letter Tav (X)
      D) In Greek the name Christ begins with the letter Chi (X)
      E) None of the above

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