Barbara Bivins (8 Dec 2010)
"To Linda Prayer Request"

Dear Linda,

As a mother who has experienced something similar I understand very much how you feel and what is going through your mind.  

The first thing I had to do was to take the focus off of myself as the devil surely was trying to distract me by sending thoughts of guilt and  of questioning myself.  Could I have stopped it, was it me who indirectly caused my child to want to ...or how come I didn't see it see where I am going?

Once the focus turned back to the Lord and I had humbly asked Him to take over, things started to look a little different.  I could truly concentrate my attention to those around me.  My child was in the ward as your grandson and I knew she was safe for the moment so I took time to go to each and everyone of my family, (kids,husband) individually praying with them, crying with them.  You see there is so much more power in prayers when we unite together, the bond is tighter and the devil has a harder time trying to squeeze in.  Once we came together, usually at the dining room table, and we shared in our sorrows, our despair, our prayers, we were able to make a "united front" against any further attacks and we always saw the fiery darts coming at us as when one of us was down the others stood watch.  Greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world, it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Give it all to Him and trust Him.

It will be important for your grandson to have someone he can feel safe and comfortable to talk to even if it is not one of you, it was hard at one point for me to see my child confide is a stranger over me but there again I was getting in God's way, so it might happen to your family too.  Counseling will be important but always remember who is the most wonderful Counselor of them all.  Cast all of your doubts that God can do something aside and firmly believe and stand strong as you have the best at your side.

I hope this helps a little to truly pass you the message that we are all in God's Big hands and He loves you, He has it under control.

May the Holy Spirit guide you and your family and protect your grandson.  Pay close attention to him when you visit him at the hospital, his demeanor will tell you a lot.

Now I am praying for strength, love and wisdom for you dear sister, take comfort in Our Lord!  May the Lord wraps His arms around you spiritually and physically.

In His Love,

PS.  one day down the road you will have the opportunity to tell your grandson how selfish his actions had once been....I did and my daughter admitted she had not wanted to think about it at the time but that eventually she had had to face the fact. :)