Barry Amundsen (30 Dec 2010)
"Contrasting views on the "Narrow Way""
Wow, what a contrast! The links above are both the result of a search of the words "narrow way". After reading the latest post by Susan Davis:
I was just hungry for more perspective out there on this important subject and so I searched and found two entirely opposite positions (in my opinion, anyway) on what the narrow way refers to. Of the two, I am more in line with the article by Arthur Pink. But this production company calling itself Narrow Way seems to me to be an example of the kind of thing that the first article is describing as a deception and the way of false prophets. (Unless I'm just out of line and being critical.)
One thing I would mention about the Pink article is that I do not believe that we must keep the law and am not sure if he is suggesting that or not but I believe that we are credited with Jesus' righteousness the moment and for as long as we accept His life and authority and protection and Kingship over us. This does involve our abandoning all our own way and life by recognizing the futility of self effort at righteousness. The thief on the cross was saved just as we are by accepting Jesus. The difficult choice is in giving up our way for His way. We want His salvation but without having to deny our self and that cannot happen. So as far as that is understood, I agree with most of what Pink says. The main point then is in the way that this other view sees themselves as a "Christian Production Company" yet they have a very worldly approach and one wonders if they have indeed submitted themselves to Christ's Lordship at all or if they are just doing what they desire and calling it for the Lord, as so much has also done in our day.
What do you all think?
(I'm not deliberately trying to stir things up in a negative way, but in light of the many messages by Susan Davis and Sabrina, which I believe to be genuinely from Jesus, this seems important now...)