Agape (30 Dec 2010)
"Two Asteroids on Rosh Hashana?"

Hi Doves,

I am aware how slightly “outdated” this will be.
I am also aware that the 'real' Rosh Hashanah was on 8th November this year, yet as with the Hanukkah fire
and all, it seems, our God is also sticking with the current Jewish Calendar.

Although the year is drawing to its end, for, it seems, not many have discussed this in details before,
I write the following and may the Holy Spirit lead us in further discerning.

On the midnight of Rosh Hashanah this year in Jerusalem time (it was 9 September 2010), it was reported
that two asteroids in unrelated orbits narrowly missed the Earth by moon’s distance in sequence.
(It is said, the second asteroid passed the Earth on 8 September at 5:12 p.m. EDT.
If this is converted to Jerusalem time, then it’s 9 September 00:12 AM ish)

If you trace their trajectories, they cross each other forming an “X” mark.
[Photos and much more details are attached on my blog:]

Rosh Hashanah, of course, in biblical perspectives, is very significant.
According to the Jewish calendar, as we may or may not know, Rosh Hashanah is the day when;

1. Adam and Eve were created (3760 BCE),
AND on this very SAME day, Jewish teachings hold, that
first sin and repentance occurred [Hence, it is the ‘beginning’]

2. Noah sent out the dove for the third time in the ark
(and dove of course never came back) (2105 BCE)

3. Binding of Isaac (in order to offer him as a sacrifice) took place
AND on this very SAME day, Jewish teachings again hold, Sarah passed away (1677 BCE)

Now here is another interesting event.

4. Baal Shem Tov (Mystical Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezer also known as Besht)
claimed that he went up to heaven (third heaven?) and met with the Messiah
at “Messiah’s Chamber” and asked the following:
“When will the Master come?”
And He replied: “When your teachings (supposedly Baal Shem Tov’s own teachings?)
will be disseminated and revealed in the world, and your wellsprings will spread to the outside…”
(Keter Shem Tov 1:1) (1746)

<Excerpted from Chabad>


5. Launching of Daf Yomi – studying one folio of Talmud a day to complete the Talmud in seven years initiated
by Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin (1923)

I see there could be many interpretations, but what catches my eye in regards to symbolic meaning of these
two asteroids is “dove’s third mission from Noah’s Ark”.

I interpret it as follows.

If we view the dove’s missions in allegorical perspective,
a raven that Noah originally had sent out (Gen 8:7), before sending out the dove,
may refer to the Torah being sent forth.
(Sending out the raven was, perhaps, in another sense, testing out the ways for the dove,
just as the Law acts in leading us to the Christ. Galatians 3:24)

Yet it(raven/Torah) did not fully yield the wanted outcome.

So, then, the dove is sent forth (God sending forth His Gospel).
First mission for dove may just as well mean the beginning of
the Christ’s ministry.  (Matt 3:16 and its parallels)
Dove's second mission, then, where the dove brings the “freshly plucked” olive branch – emblem
for peace – refers to coming/actualisation of God's kingdom on the Earth. (Matt 12:28)
Dove's third mission, where dove does not come back, possibly refers to…
finalisation of the ministry(?)

Moreover, when this asteroids event is viewed in the light of biblical numerology, it is
even more noteworthy.

Doesn’t number 2 as in 2 asteroids, mean division and separation in the Bible?
And, number 9 from September 9, mean judgement?

Certainly, I expect further analyses to follow.