F.M. Riley (26 Aug 2017)
"The Last Major "Sign" is Here!"

The Last Major "Sign"
is Here!
                                                                                      By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                      August 25, 2017
     "Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six,"  Revelation 13:18.  
     This Scripture used as a text for this Bible study was given to John the Revelator, in the vision given to him by the Lord Jesus, some 2,000 years ago, while exiled to the island of Patmos in order to prevent him from preaching the gospel of Christ.  Whee!  Doesn't our Lord have a great sense of humor?  He is always making the unbelieving world look silly.  
     Don't fail to notice that this Scripture is written in the present tense.  In other words, because this Scripture was written in the present tense, the true believer who had been given spiritual "understanding," could have identified the prophesied anti-christ [beast] at anytime he came on the world scene during the past 2,000 years of this present dispensation of grace.  How?  By simply counting his number, exactly as stated right here in the inspired Word, "for it is the number of a man."  
Every Human Being Has a Number
     Every descendant of Adam born into this world has a number, whether they realize it or not.  The moment a new born baby is given a name, they have a number.  Oh yes they do!  Every letter in your name has a numerical value derived from the order in which each letter in your name appears in the alphabet.  Now write down the numerical value of each letter in your name, as the letters occur in the alphabet, then add them all up, and the total will be the numerical value of your entire name.  
     This is not simply playing with numbers.  This is a scientific truth, just as accurate as the name your parents gave to you when you were born.  The total value of each of the letters in your name, added up, is your "life number," the numerical equivalent of your name, whether some want to believe it or not.
The Number of the anti-christ
     The inspired Word of God explicitly states that "the number of the beast" [anti-christ] is "Six humdred threescore and six [666], and emphasizes that it is "the number of a man," and can be counted by those to whom spiritual "understanding" has been given.  In other words, the prophesied anti-christ is a human being, just like all the rest of us.  
     If any reader is looking for some fallen angel to miraculously come to earth, and be transformed into the anti-christ, they are looking in error, and in vain.   As the anti-christ comes on the world scene, he will be just "a man" like other men.  But the question I am concerned with in this study, is,.......
When is the anti-christ Coming?
      It is commonly believed, and often stated, that the anti-christ is coming during the Tribulation period.   Gee!  It takes real spiritual depth for someone to figure that out, since we find him mentioned repeatedly in the Tribulation period Scriptures in Revelation.  2 Timothy 2:15 is still in the Bible.  
     However, in this study I have no intention of just skimming over the surface of the subject.  The inspired Word is very explicit about the timing of the revealing of the anti-christ, even if some of God's people have overlooked or ignored it.  According to the inspired Apostle Paul, the revealing of the anti-christ first has to do with the Lord's Church and New Covenant believers.   No one has ever previously told you this?  Well let's just study it in the Word for ourselves.....
The Lord's Church is not in Darkness
       The Apostle Paul, writing by Divine Inspiration,  to the Lord's church at Thessalonica, explicitly told that church, "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day [the day of the Lord; Tribulation] should overtake you as a thief," 1 Thessalonians 5:4.   I highly suspect that Paul was moved by the Holy Spirit to make this statement, due to the fact that the Lord Jesus Himself had previously told His disciples, "Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them [the unbelieving lost world] it is not given," Matthew 13:11.  
     Dear readers, whether some want to believe the Word or not, we who are true believers  have been given spiritual discernment, enabling us to see and know spiritual truths that  lost unbelievers do not know, and are spiritually incapable of discerning in their unbelief,  1 Corinthians 2:12-16.  Isn't it about time some true believers start understanding and believing this truth?   
Again, when will the anti-christ come?  
     Now going back to the time when the anti-christ will be revealed. Paul explicitly stated in writing to the Lord's Church at Thessalonica,
     "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except [1] there come a falling away first, and [2] that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
     Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.  
     And now ye know what withholdeth [restrains; holds back] that he might be revealed in his time.  
     For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth [restrains] will let [continue to restrain or hold back] until He be taken out of the way.  
     And then [at that time] shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the Spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming,"  2 Thessalonians 2:3-8.  
     Dear readers, I have just set before you one of the most important  portions of prophetic Scripture to be found in God's Word, which deals with this subject.  If you want to know the truth on this subject, then STUDY these Scriptures carefully and pay attention to what is said.  
     Notice carefully in this inspired passage, that two events MUST occur BEFORE "the day of the Lord."  The "day of the Lord" being referred to here is the seven year Tribulation period.  Paul, speaking by inspiration of God explicitly stated that two events MUST occur BEFORE the "day of the Lord" [the Tribulation] begins.  
     First, there MUST come "a falling away."  The Greek text is quite plain that this is referring to an apostasy on the part of many who call themselves "Christians."   Folks, it is here!  It is happening!  It began happening in the 1990's and it is still going on today.  This is one "sign" that every true believer should easily recognize.  But the "falling away" is just the first of two events Paul said would happen BEFORE the "day of the Lord" begins.  
     The Second event he explicitly stated would happen BEFORE "the day of the Lord," is that the "man of sin" is to "be revealed."   I am well aware that some believers commonly teach that the anti-christ will not be revealed until the Tribulation begins.  Be careful!  This is not what the inspired Apostle said.  Check it out for yourself in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.  Go back and carefully read this passage again, and believe what it says.
     What this Scripture does say is that the anti-christ is to "be revealed."  But to whom?  To whom is not stated in this Scripture.  I personally do not believe that the anti-christ will be revealed to the whole lost world until sometime during the Tribulation period.  However, this does not mean that he may not be revealed to the Lord's church and people before the Tribulation.  After all, it is true believers who have been given spiritual discernment, 1 Corinthians 2:12-14.  
     The only thing stated in this Thessalonian passage that might give some the idea that the anti-christ will not be revealed until during the Tribulation is 1 Thess. 2:6, "revealed in his time."  But if our readers will bother to look up this expression in their Greek Bible, Concordance, or a Greek Lexicon, they will find that this means at the "appointed time."  See Thayer's Greek Lexicon, pages 318-319, Strong's No. 2540.  In other words, this does not mean that the revelation of the anti-christ is restricted only to the Tribulation period, but rather to whatever time has been "appointed" for him to be revealed.   Now Paul tells us that this "appointed time" for the anti-christ's revelation is before the "day of the Lord."  As far as I am concerned that settles the matter.  PERIOD!  
The Glaringly Simple Truth
      I am one of those who believe that the anti-christ, being born a man, is alive today, and likely has been for quite a number of years.  It should then be no problem for the Lord God of Heaven to reveal the identity of the anti-christ to God's own people, before the Tribulation begins, just as the inspired Apostle clearly stated.   Further, I am now personally convinced that the Lord God has done exactly that.  Hello!  
 The "Sign" Above all Signs  
     Those of God's people who seriously study the prophecies have been talking about the many "signs" which have occurred over the past twenty or so years, and the "signs" which are still occurring, clearly indicating that we are living in the end-time just preceding the resurrection and rapture of God's people to glory.  Just this very week, the American people all over this nation watched the great Solar Eclipse in awe.  Those of God's people whom I have talked to certainly believe the solar eclipse was a highly important "sign" from the Lord God that this present dispensation is just about to end with the resurrection and rapture of all true New Covenant believers, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.  
     Well, right along with all of the other "signs" that we have seen, and are seeing, wouldn't the revelation of the anti-christ be "the sign" that tops it all off, and makes us belieivers know that in a few more days we will be with the Lord?  Well....???  Don't hem or haw around about it.  Wouldn't the revealing of the anti-christ, right now, be the most astounding "sign" of all the "signs"  the Lord God has been showing us?     Yes or No?  I personally believe it would be.  
     Every honest reader knows that it would be the climaxing "sign" of all the "signs" the Lord has given us.  Well, I have some great news for those who are willing to humble themselves and believe what God's Word actually and literally says.  
The Anti-christ has now been Revealed
     Right at the "appointed time."  Right before the "day of the Lord" [Tribulation] is to begin, exactly as Paul stated.  
     As I write, I have laying on my desk a photo of the "man" who is to become the prophesied anti-christ. Before even reading the article which accompanied this man's photo, I received a deep impression that this man will be of great importance in fulfilling the end-time prophecies of God's Word.  Then I read the article accompanying the photo, and was truly "shaken up."
      Those readers who want to check this out for themselves should type in:  https://mg.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?rand=asudufdvfgen2

      This man is a highly educated Muslim doctor from Detroit, Michigan.  He is an American physician, a public health advocate, and a well known politician in Michigan.  He is currently seeking to be elected to the office of Governor of Michigan on the Democratic ticket, but his ambitions are to serve as the President of the United States of America. He will be elgible to run for that office in 2020.  Although a Muslim, he is a U.S. citizen.  He was born in Michigan on October 31, 1984, and is now 32 years of age.  
     He is a Rhodes Scholar, his education and grooming being funded by George Soros.  He is well known in Michigan, a very charismatic speaker, very friendly and likeable, and already has people in Washington campaigning for him.  
     But what makes me so sure he is the future anti-christ?  His name!
     Now does Revelation 13:18 say that the anti-christ [beast] can be identified by counting his number, or does it not?   Every honest reader knows that it does!  
     The name of this man is Abdul El-Sayed.  I was quite impressed with his picture when I received it.  He looks like someone who is impressive and important.  But then I decided to count the number of his name, exactly as Revelation 13:18 instructs God's people to do.  Using the English alphabet, I began the count.  The numeric value of his first name adds up to 40.  A=1 B=2 D=4 U=21 L=12.  Add these number up and they total 40.   "40" is the number in the Bible that signifies, "test; testing; trial."   The inspired Word is filled with forty year periods of testing which well illustrate this truth.   Every serious student of Bible prophecy should know that the first half of the Tribulation will be a time of testing for those left behind on the earth following the rapture,  to see whether they will follow God or the anti-christ?   
     Then as I counted the numerical value of the letters in his middle and last name, the total numerical value of all three of his names is "111."  Wow!  The Satanic Trinity, united against God during the Tribulation.  
  Do yourself a favor and make the count for yourself.  As I looked at this total, the thought came to me, this man will be the world ruler for the next 7 years of the Tribulation.  God have mercy on those left behind when the rapture occurs.  
The Devil's Alphabet
     But then I remembered to use what is called the Devil's Alphabet.  Again, this is not something that I have dreamed up.  This alphabet has been in common use for centuries, by people involved in demonism, witchcraft, black magic, fortune telling, and the so-called "black arts." These people use this alphabet when writing, to hide what they are writing from the authorities and the general public.  What the Devil's Alphabet consist of is assigning the numerical value of 6 to each letter of the alphabet in ascending order.   In other words, A = 6, B = 12, C= 18, etc.  
     When I used the Devil's Alphabet to count the numerical value of the name, Abdul El-Sayed, I didn't have to do it a second time.  The first count added up to 666.  Plain enough!   Check it out for yourself.
     The "sign" of the anti-christ being revealed is now here, right along with all the other "signs" we have been shown.  
The Importance of this "Sign"
     This "sign" means that we believers are definitely living in "the end of the end," and gives us assurance that the resurrection and rapture could occur at any minute of any day or night now.  If any reader is not ready when the "Trumpet" sounds, you will have waited too long to get ready, and you will have the terrible years of the Tribulation to face.  Read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, and if you do not have the assurance of forgiven sin and salvation in Christ, RUN to seek the Lord as your own personal Savior.  For those reading this study, it is a now or never situation.   Hurry!   I want to meet you in Heaven.  May God grant every reader His GRACE is my prayer.  
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