Fay (26 Aug 2017)

A very hard hitting article re President Trump's U turn on Afghanistan. It resonated BIG TIME. Being an article focused on an American perspective, it didn't bring up the UK or any other power. They are ALL money men. Including that old foe, the Military Industrial Complex. They cannot function financially without constant war. This is why they allow certain despots to remain in power - do nothing about them because it doesn't serve their financial interests to fight them. There are many examples and I won't bore you with a list. This has never been about morals, liberty, democracy etc. Far from. Their biggest enemy now is the fact that people are waking up (in spite of their control over main stream media and their savage attempts to obfuscate and divert our attention with pathetic racial and LGBT issues)  Their "divide and rule" tactics are becoming harder to implement and sustain. Freedom of the internet must be driving them batty! Even with thousands of paid trolls disrupting the general discourse - millions are now politically aware. Millions are also being educated as to Bible prophecy too. Don't think the secular world doesn't notice how active Bible believing Christians are on the internet. For the first time in this world's history - Bible knowledge is freely available to all who seek it. This is a wonderful, astonishing fact. Miraculous.

We know how it ends - we now have to watch it all play out. It makes for grim viewing.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

The Imperial Collapse Clock Ticks Closer To Midnight