Fay (26 Aug 2017)

The day I asked the question as to why the Arabs stop the Jewish people from praying on the Temple Mount and why the Israeli police do next to nothing about Palestinian stone throwers, etc., the answers came flooding in. Thank you, Father God. They all KNOW how powerful, unfettered Jewish and Christian prayer - if allowed - would usher in Messiah Jesus. These people understand "dark sentences" and they KNOW the power of true prayer. It seems that the Israeli leadership is trying to appease foreign powers but are also very aware of their own political survival. They must know something or else they wouldn't allow this total disrespect of the sacred Temple Mount and the shoddy treatment of their people - the Jews.

This wicked world is overdue tribulation. I am not just furious at Islamic and political machinations, but I am also angry at the world's "shrug the shoulders - don't care" attitude. How they don't give a seconds thought to their lives - the privilege of life - what happens after death. They just wing it - only addressing the real issues of existence when on their death beds. The willful ignorance of the Bible - the importance of Israel................ they simply could not be bothered and don't care.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus. Please.

Temple Mount Desecration: Arab Children Caught Playing Soccer at Their “Holy Site”