Fay (26 Aug 2017)
"Why Israel Gave up the Temple Mount"

An hour after seeing my post to Doves in print, asking this very same question....... I came across this answer on You Tube. If you watch anything, start from around the 15 minute mark. I recommend you watch the whole thing though. It's a very important question. The narrator of one clip truly believes that the political elite KNEW that keeping the Temple Mount for the Jewish people would bring Messiah (Almighty God's Word and all His power with it). This terrified them, so they delayed prophecy fulfillment by keeping the Temple Mount Jewish prayer free. It certainly makes sense to me. The devil knows the Bible and prophecy very well. Let's not kid ourselves on that one. Let's also recognise that the political elite are evil but they are not stupid. They also know what's coming. They are delusional, obviously, but not ignorant of prophecy.

A MUST Watch - Why did Israel give up the Temple Mount?