Fay (26 Aug 2017)
"The 3 Planets in the Revelation 12 Sign"


Like most, I've been trying to educate myself re the upcoming Revelation 12 sign, due to be in the skies on September 23rd, 2017. There is a lot on the internet - both for and against. I then opted for doing a little research on the 3 planets that join the 9 stars in the Leo constellation to make , up the garland of 12 stars that crown Virgo. Venus, Mercury and Mars. There is a plethora of information, as you can imagine. I tried to refine my search by adding the word "Biblical" to my search terms. Again - an enormous amount of information. Certain scholars disagreeing with other scholars etc. So - here is the simplest answer I am able to deduce.

Venus:-        Could be used as a metaphor for Jesus. Could be used as a metaphor for Lucifer.

 Mercury:-    The Messenger or the Swift Messenger. Venus and Mercury are the only planets that do not have moons.

Mars:-           Most commonly known to denote war. Mars has 2 moons......Phobus and Deimos. Phobus means panic / fear. Deimos meaning
                      terror / dread.

So, we have LORD Jesus or Lucifer............or both, with the accompanying swift message of war, coupled with fear and panic, terror and dread.

I recommend you do a full google search as it's fascinating.The symbols of all the planets are quite revealing as well.

I lean towards the Revelation 12 sign as being the genuine article. Perhaps because I want it to be but also because of all the other evil surrounding us. Israel is in dire danger. I can virtually see Natan and Caroline's prophecies on the horizon. This world cannot continue without Mutually Assured Destruction at the hands of the mad men and women that prevail at the present time. Evil is corrupting our churches and targeting our children. I suggest that "the falling away" is in progress and that the "Man of Sin" is soon to be revealed.

Here's hoping that more capable scholars can pick up on this planet stuff and expound. I believe it's important.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus