Daniel Matson (26 Aug 2017)
"A collection of the week so far"


Instead of sending book files by email request, the files are available directly from the website for download. There are about 120 hard copies left of each book. I would have hoped for more demand of the printed books that are free from future electronic sabotage. There are no plans to print more books at this late hour.



It has been a long day. I drove the kids (my wife had  teacher training), leaving at 4 am for the path of totality. We crossed the Columbia and ended up going on the Journey through Time to John('s) Day Fossil Beds (Flood) to end up in the perfect spot right in a field on the centerline of the totality path under the gaze of Sheep Rock. Such an amazing sight to see an eclipse. 

This may delve into the wacky, however I'm hip deep in that already according to the world, but the iPhone's random play of music was a bit amazing as the songs rolled out from the startup . Afterglow came first, then came The Sky Above, The Field Below by Explosions in the Sky. Next in order came An Affectionate Farewell from America: Imagine the World without Her. Then came Noah's Dove followed by Sweet Surrender and then Three Sunrises just as twilight was forming.  Next was Unknown Caller from No Line on the Horizon followed by Your Love Never Fails. In the vehicle it may have been more convincing at least.

I was messaging Brad Hurst after the long day and told him how I saw Venus and Regulus and that other than that I was enthralled with the eclipse. He looked up the Nineveh eclipse in 762 BC on Stellarium and noticed the eclipse was in one part of Gemini where Venus was in today's eclipse. Stunning. I then looked to see when the sun was last in that same location and it was there on July 15 in the midst of the Temple Mount Security Crisis. Next, Venus will come and join Regulus (where today's eclipse was) and form a Conjunction at the Christ Angle. All very interesting and food for thought.


Here is something fascinating submitted by a reader. He was considering the distance between the two American Eclipses of 2017 and 2024, that consisted of 2422 days. So he wrote:

"I think the 2422 is on to something....a natural number (a portion of the solar year)

If Jesus was born in 2 BC like Larson and the Star of Bethlehem suggests, then 

2 BC to 2024 (end of 70th week) is 2025 years.

0.2422 X 2025 = 490 days (leap year days added from Christ birth, 1st advent, until 2024, second advent)

If days are years, as in Daniel's weeks, then 490 is also the end of the 70th week, at the second advent....

It's more than coincidence!"

Here are the calculations:
2025 x 0.2422 = 490.455   2 BC Birth
2024 x 0.2422 = 490.213   1 BC Birth 

Coincidence? Do tell.


On the day of the eclipse this was announced. Wonder Woman number 1. 

"That makes it the 23rd highest-grossing film of all time in the domestic US market, the seventh-highest earning comic book film in Hollywood history..."

Well the real Wonder Woman forms on September 23rd and speaks of Israel's coming time. Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman is an Israeli, so that fits the imagery as well. She was even pregnant in her final shoots. Art imitates life. One of the keys to the Sign of the End of the Age was world war and the movie was set 100 years ago during World War 1.  One hundred years is the first mention of a generation when Abraham is told of the four generations of 400 years in Egypt. Jerusalem was liberated in 1917 after 400 years of rule by the Ottoman Empire.  And so here comes Wonder Woman...


The newest article spurred on by a reader who shared something I had not seen before adding more confirmation to the layout of the Tribulation.


Best Regards in Him,

Daniel Matson

"Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭NKJV‬‬