Luis Vega (21 Aug 2016)
"FALL FEASTS OF YHVH: 5776 - Creation Calendar"


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by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustrations in Chart section

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the Fall Feasts of YHVH for 2016 or the close of 5776. Based on the Creation Calendar, the Fall Feasts are synchronized with the celestial signs or eclipses. The Feasts of Trumpets is conjoined with the 1st of September which is the Feast of Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh HaShana. Subsequently, Yom Kippur falls on 9-11 in 2016.


The 3rd Fall Feasts of YHVH, that of Sukkot falls on the lunar eclipse on September 16, 2016. The lunar eclipse will a Penumbral type, the solar eclipse will be an Annular type.  However if one uses the Rabbinical Calendar, the Fall Feasts our in October a month later. The only celestial distinction in this sequence is that the yearly Great Sign of Virgo occurs on Rosh HaShanah, which is starting on October 3, 2016.



Synchronized to the Creation Calendar

SEP 1              Rosh HaShanah
                        Annular Solar Eclipse

SEP 11            Yom Kippur

SEP 15            Sukkot
                        Penumbral Lunar Eclipse


Synchronized to the Rabbinical Calendar

OCT 3             Rosh HaShanah

OCT 12           Yom Kippur

OCT 17           Sukkot

From the 6-Day War to capture the
Temple Mount

Jun 7, 1967 to Sep 11, 2017 = 50 years, 3 months, 4 days excluding the end date


From  Yom Kippur of 1965 

Sep 24 1966 to Sep 11, 2017 = 50 years, 11 months, 18 days excluding the end date

 Based on the Rabbinical Calendar the yearly Virgo Sign occurs usually with the months of September or October, most notably in September. The Fall Feast star off with Rosh HaShanah on Oct 3, which is the Sign of Virgo.


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