Watchman (30 Aug 2015)
"Bridging the Pre-Mid-Post-Rapture Positions"

Bridging the Pre-Mid-Post-Rapture Positions

I recently came across this post "THE BOOK OF REVELATION - ENDTIME PROPHECY MADE SIMPLEĒ It is a VERY long read, but I found it extremely interesting, and not sure if I am all on board with it, however, Iím not sure if I disagree with it either.  It certainly effectively bridges the gap between Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib and Post-Trib Rapture positions by explaining the harvest agenda is a single harvest in three phases - the Church of Philadelphia is the pre-trib harvest; the Great Multitude is the mid-trib harvest; and the Martyred Saints is the post-trib harvest. 

I have it linked this post on WatchmansView Rapture Left Behind page ( as if this is correct, it will help some that thought they were Christians, and missed the pre-trib Rapture, in understanding why, and what they must now do during the next 3.5 yrs in order to be taken in the next harpazo!  Looking forward to the first lift out of here!  MARANATHA

~ A Watchman