TH (23 Aug 2015)

                          THE "N E W S" BEARER

We read in History of the "Town Crier" who was the bringer of News. He would
walk up and down Main St. shouting the news.  Or stand in front of a gathered
crowd that would be drawn to a place where he might read aloud from a "news
sheet" and tell of the latest.  He got people's ATTENTION.  Most Humans love
Attention.  Some go to Great Lengths to get Attention.  Of course this is based
on VAINITY.  Read that PRIDE, the underlying cause of Vainity.  We have ALL
been in Social gatherings where someone will say something, to those gathered,
some latest news item or piece of Gossip. They do this of course, for Attention.
We ALL seem to Crave Attention.  Some people even do "Bad" things to get
Attention.  I think it is a Disease of the Human Soul.  A lot of people do this
because they have done nothing else in their lives worth anyone's notice and
they still want that Attention so bad, they'll do anything to get it. If they find that
they do indeed get it, they want more and more and more (almost like a drug)
They see it as their ticket to Fame.  Some are so successful that they end up
as News Anchors.  And as such, start to think of themselves as "Stars".  Right
up there with the people that actually have talent and are outstanding in their
Field of endeavor, what ever it may be.  Sports, Movies, Politics (I hate to include
politicians) and whatever.  We are told NOT to be GOSSIPS and we can see why.
Once people are Hooked on attention, and if they don't have anything to say that
would be of interest to others, they find themselves lying to get it. Or at least
enhancing the facts to make sure that attention keeps coming their way.  We
see examples of this every day in the M.S.M.  This NEED for Attention makes
satan's job so much easier as we can plainly see.  And once he has them hooked,
he makes lying easier and easier so that it becomes the norm. No TRUTH ever !
The only TRUTH left on Earth is in the BIBLE and IN HIS VOICE.  The ONLY REAL
Sources left to Modern Man.  We can Read the Bible, but what about HIS VOICE?
Do YOU HEAR IT ?  If not, pursue it with ALL YOUR HEART !  There's NO TIME

                            MARANATHA !

                                    T H