Mat (30 Aug 2015)
"oct 29 2008 PLEASE READ"

I had  vision on October 29th 2008 and about the #23 and #777.
spectrum of creation-
7 colors in rainbow
7electro magnetic waves
7 periods on periodic table of elements ,Seven periods of elements occur naturally on Earth.
7 notes in a music scale A-G
7 continents
7days of the week named after the 7 heavenly bodies you can see with you eyes
 and many more..

also interesting on october 29th 2008 world leaders were lined up to 7 as well!

7.Pres bush 43rd pres.     4+3=7
7.Pope Benedict XVI (16th)  1+6=7
7.Prophet of LDS president Thomas Spencer Monson 16th prophet of church 1+6=7
(I was born LDS that is why the connection)

Exactly month before that on sept 29th 2008 I competed in world competition for my rookie year being professional in aggressive inline skating and
got 7th place in the world.
That day the stock market crashed 777 points. (I didnít make this connection till years later)

I had many other things about the #23
I just turned 23 a few days before that and i was born in 1985 1+9+8+5= 23
23 chroma zones  from each parent
23 seconds for blood to circulate the body
earths axis tilt 23.5 degrees 
this was before i saw the movie #23 as well so when i found out about the movie it made me feel crazy.. ha ha

not sure why I had this vision but thought it extremely important!
just wanted to share thanks!
what are your thoughts?