Luis Vega (30 Aug 2015)
"ECONOMIC AND SPIRITUAL RESETS - Countdown to the Unveilings"



A Study of the Prophetic Convergences for the start of 5776

by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in Chart section

‘They will gird themselves with sackcloth and shuddering will overwhelm them; and shame will be on all faces and baldness on all their heads. They will fling their silver into the streets and their gold will become an abhorrent thing; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD.’ – Ezekiel 7:18


The purpose of this study is to examine the apparent financial countdown to the economic collapse that is to occur in September of 2015 and the subsequent reset. Moreover this study strongly suggests that the reset will also involve a spiritual one as well. The timeline in the online chart accompanying this study will show the apparent numerology of the ending points for the Dow Jones in particular. This study suggests that these cryptic Dow Jones coefficients are set to deliberately signal the ominous countdown to the market collapse on Elul 29. If the convergences that this study will bring to light are such signals, then the countdown to the pending Fall of the Phoenix, the USA and the subsequent global meltdown and need for a reset will be unavoidable.

This study will examine such numerical coefficients that started this apparent financial meltdown countdown on August 20, 2015. What is unique about these Dow Jones ending points is that they appear to coincide with Biblical numerology. These numbers appear to substantiate the notion that several amazing convergences of the Biblical kind are to take place the week of the Feasts of YHVH in September 2015. Most notably, this study will seek to show that this numerical countdown coincides with celestial alignments that also occur in conjunction with the Fall Feasts of YHVH. Such multi-level relationships appear to be pegged to very significant scheduled events on Earth leading up to the start of Rosh HaShana, then Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Such convergences are spectacular if at least even if 'nothing' happens concerning the global meltdown or even the Rapture Event as some are also anticipating at such a time.

What is fact and science is that all 3 of the Fall Feasts are conjoined by eclipses and/or conjunctions of the planets, Sun, Moon and the Stars. Rosh HaShanah will coincide with the partial solar eclipse. Yom Kippur will coincide with the Fall Equinox. Sukkot will coincide with the Super Moon and end of the Blood Moon Tetrad. The start of the possible encrypted countdown coincided with a 2 day -888 drop in the Dow Jones. The subsequent rally saw the meltdown of China that coincided celestially with the triple conjunction in Leo of Jupiter, the Sun in Regulus and Mars. Moreover the start of this August 20 encrypted Dow Jones ending points is in approximate phi ratio of time to the start of the Jewish year 5776, the Year of Light/Lucifer. This civil New Year will coincide with the partial solar eclipse that this study suggests will accent the financial meltdown.

The Coming Convergences

The phi ratio of time from the apparent start of the Dow Jones encrypted August 20, 2015 start date of the countdown concludes with the Feast of Yom Kippur on the Fall Equinox and the proclamation of the Jubilee Year. The Feast of Yom Kippur is loaded with multi-layers of amazing conjoining events as is Rosh HaShanah and Sukkot. Of great significance is that the planet Mars will be in conjunction at Regulus on Yom Kippur; this signifies that a major war is to come to Israel. Such a converge of celestial events such as the solar and lunar eclipses, to involve the Fall Feasts of YHVH coinciding with the Equinox at the end of the Tetrad have not been seen and will not be seen ever again in recorded human history. The closest approximation to the next series of celestial alignments in the future occurs in 2018 and in 2022 and pale in comparison. Indeed the year 5776 will be monumental, prophetic, and apocalyptic.

There are things still to occur like the Great Virgo Sign in Heaven in 2017. There is also the Central Blood Bull's Eye Moon of 2018 and a few unique celestial conjunction but Israel is the prophetic peg to all these convergences. What is to occur in the week of the Fall Feasts of YHVH on September 2015 is by far most unique and one in a life time phenomena. As noted, Yom Kippur will occur on the Fall Equinox which happens to be the 49th year since the liberation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This Yom Kippur will also coincide with the Muslim Day of Sacrifice or ‘slaughter’. Again, it appears that the August 20, 2015 date marks the encrypted countdown and perhaps is the last ‘warning’ given to the world by the Luciferians that control the mammon given to them by their ‘god’, the god of this world Lucifer whom they worship. They appear obligated to hint at what is to come, the inevitable global collapse on Elul 29 of the world financial and economic markets and reset thereafter.

Will Lucifer’s AntiChrist be ‘unveiled’ at this time in tandem with the Feasts of YHVH and perhaps with such an anticipated Rapture Event of the Bride of Christ itself? For such a world reset, the Luciferians have been systematically imploding the Old Phoenix, America as the ultimate catalyst and perhaps through a World War, finally and conclusively to birth their long awaited Luciferian utopian Order out of the chaos they have conspired, orchestrated and delivered. Like the birth pangs of a delivery, the contractions get more intense and closer together. This is what is occurring exactly in the volatility of the global markets and threat of nuclear war. These ‘Brood of Vipers’ as Jesus called them have only this purpose.

This purpose is to follow in the disposition of their Master, their father whose real dispensation is to ‘kill, steal and destroy.’ Countless innocent human lives will suffer unspeakable horrors, slaughter, bloodshed and mayhem because of this orchestrated collapse and war to come. This coming time in the history of the human race will be the most trying. Lucifer and his followers love death and refuse to come to the light and be saved in Jesus Christ only. This study suggests that if war is to come to the world and to Israel specifically on Yom Kippur or shortly thereafter, it would be also the LORD, the greater Joshua that will make war with them; this world, Lucifer and his AntiChrist in the form of the Seal judgments. This would also coincide with the ‘war declaration’ the LORD made against the world of Noah and the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Master Plan

Diabolically, the ‘Great Work’ of the Builders and Elders schedule their agenda out of mockery to the Holy Feasts of YHVH. Their tour-de-force will be in this economic implosion and of the unveiling of their New World Order. If this hypothetical and prophetic scenario mentioned above is valid, then realize that a ‘sudden destruction’ and ‘escape’ the Bible speaks about is to occur. Many are convinced that the world is in the Last Days and this time could also be converging to the Rapture Event, if the same prophetic pattern is occurring. Nonetheless the main point of this study is to suggest that such Dow Jones end point coefficients do not appear to be random numbers as the August 20, 2015 start of the market meltdown even approximates the phi ratio of time to the Rosh HaShanah and the Yom Kippur dates; this is extraordinary.

This study will attempt to apply some Biblical interpretations of the possible significance of such a numerical countdown based on the very unique Dow Jones point drops. Even the Economists assert that this specific pattern of apparent orchestrated market volatility is historical. What this study will suggest is that given the Biblical significance of such numerology of the Dow Jones end points, it would corroborate one of the current assertions that perhaps the Rapture Event is to occur on Yom Kippur if not on Rosh HaShanah based on the significance of the numerical coefficients. This assertion is purely conjecture but several points will be brought out to substantiate this theory although it is not only based on numerical values. The point is that the celestial alignments, eclipses and anticipated world events that converge on that week will also involve a spiritual reset based on Fall Feasts of YHVH’s prophetic typologies.

Other studies regarding the Shemitah mystery also point to September 13, 2015 as the end of the 32nd Shemitah count since the American Coinage Act of 1792. The 33rd ‘last one’ could very well be Daniel’s last prophetic week, the last sabbatical week of years. Based on these time markers and patterns, the Fall of the Phoenix, the USA and the subsequent world markets are thus required and inevitably will have to fall. This would lend some credence to the notion of how the Luciferians peg their agenda to YHVH’s schedule. If the Rapture Event is in some fashion tied to the Shemitah countdown, it will be the major contributor to not only there being an economic world reset but a spiritual one at that due to the spiritual vacuum it will create worldwide.

The Rapture Event does not need to be pegged to market crashes but if the Shemitah cycle comes to pass, there might be some substance to a possible Rapture Event in all of this. The economic crash may be so profound that it will require a reset to have the need to introduce an alternative World Reserve Currency beyond the U.S. Petro Dollar and a new spirituality beyond the Gospels. It may be the time and place in human history where physical monetary paper may be done away with as the technology now exists to biometrically digitize currency based on a worldwide grid thanks to current technology and venues such as the internet. Perhaps this new currency venue will be the prelude to the coming Mark of the Beast that the Bible foretells will be enforced in the Last Days. This ‘Mark’ will involve a fusion of the economic, political and religious hegemony of the New Order. Coincidentally, such is the case seen during this pivotal time of the Fall Feasts of YHVH.

A New World Order

This study suggests that the weeks involving the events taking place on Earth during the Fall Feasts of YHVH in 2015 are a prelude to the Mark of the Beast system that involve an economic, political and religious fusion. What is seen is the political climax of having the most power political force on Earth, the U.S. Congress and UN be addressed by the most prominent religious leader on the planet, the Pope. The Pope and Obama will meet as the Pope later on in turn will be casting support for a new economic order in line with Agenda 21 at the UN. This is the ‘agenda’ of the Luciferians for the 21st century that calls for a New World Oder based on sustainability and a new financial currency. This is code of annihilation of the human race. Regardless, something Biblical will happen during the Fall Feasts of YHVH in 2015. Economically, it is a mathematical inevitability that the unsustainable bond market and financial markets will have to be reset. The world debt and that particularly of America is unsustainable.

It is the USA that is the most indebted nation on the planet and thus will fall the farthest and the hardest. The Shemitah cycle theory now made famous by Jonathan Cahn projects that when the economies collapse, they have come and gone in cycles. In part, the major economic collapse patterns have been followed by World Wars as in the case of Word War 1 and 2. The two prior World Wars were used to cover the collapses that immediately preceded them. They also become an outlet and to dispose of excess unemployed populations. Based on the economic cycles of the Shemitah since 1792 Coinage Act of America, the 3rd Word War is to occur in 5776 that will then subsequently birth their New World Order.

The 2 prior World Wars have occurred in approximate phi ratio of prophetic time in conjunction with the last 3 Tetrads. These events in turn have also been corresponding to the new World Orders that came out of them. This is how close many believe the world is on the edge of such a prophetic time and reset to the New World Order if not the Rapture Event too. Such wars have only served to further the Luciferian agenda as their New Orders were ‘birthed’ out of the hellish ashes of their fruit of death. One has to consider that the financial markets are also not a zero-sum gain. When the markets ‘collapse’ or lose money, it is because someone else has gained that leverage. In such a scheme, it has been the Luciferins that control Wall Street and the world capital Banksters that have reaped the ill-gotten gains.

The Chinese meltdown of their economy came sooner than even most financial experts had expected. In part, China is being blamed for the ensuing Dow Jones numerical encrypted countdown to doom. It has plunged the prices of commodities like oil as the price of gold and silver continues to be devaluated. For example China devaluated its currency 3 times in less than a few weeks leading to the market drops. This has not occurred in over 20 years. It is a red flag concerning the current world economic situation. As many expert Economists stipulate, trade-disruptions are seen as an act of war and currency war lead to world wars. The Federal Reserve in the USA is expected, perhaps at its September meeting to raise interest rates that are currently at near zero. If the criminal Federal Reserve that is the highest power in America, Inc., raises interest rates, they will further ensure the total collapse and Fall of the Phoenix.

The Numerology of the Countdown
Higher interest rates at this point for the world means that those that can barely afford to be in debt will be pushed over the edge into bankruptcy. Most small to medium sized companies and/or businesses will not be able to afford debt at a higher rate; this is the plan. It is the last preverbal nail in the coffin for America and the world financial markets to not continue in business as usual. As it is, the Luciferians have devalued oil to less than 40 dollars a barrel and gold at 1100 an ounce. Many believe that such tactics have been the plan to precisely implode Russia’s and China’s economy. The 2-day drop occurring on August 20 and 21st. Each respectively had a -530 and -358 point drop. The numerical drops occurring in the Dow Jones, among the other entire world stock exchanges has been the lowest since 2008 and longest streak since 1987 crash. Up until August 23, 2015, it was the largest 2 day drop in U.S. Stock Market history.

It was not until August 24, that the market opened up with a -1000 point drop, historical. This ‘coincidentally’ occurred as the Jupiter-Sun in Regulus-Mars conjunction was occurring in the constellation of Leo. The articles that were written about the point drops were announcing that this -888 Dow Jones point drop has been the worst in 18 months. The numerology of 18 is always a hidden code for a 666 coefficient that has spiritual overtones. Many who study Biblical numerology or the study of numbers clearly have established, based on sacred Gematria that the 888 coefficient is a summation of the name of Jesus. Could it be that this is specific point drop was a warning that perhaps the countdown is to lead to the appearing of Jesus as in the Rapture rendezvous?  Interestingly on the 3rd day, that of August 25, 2015 the Dow Jones of New York closed at 15,666.44.

Many that study Biblical numerology again were flabbergasted as this sequence of such a numeration. The internet was abuzz with possible Biblical interpretations. Most came to the same conclusion that the 15 signifies 2015, 666 is for the Mark of the Beast economic systems that is to rise from the collapse. The number 44 relates to the 44th U.S. President, Barak Hussain Obama, which in Gematria also has an encrypted 666 numerical value. There are also other associations related to the -888 drop. It was precisely 7 years prior in the last collapse that the Dow Jones fell exactly -777 points. Many are seeing the pattern now of a -777 then a -888 point drop. The logical conclusion is that perhaps the Elul 29 global financial meltdown will see some sort of progression to these intentional signals by the Luciferians that could see a -999 value.

This 777-888-999 sequence code can be reduced to a 7-8-9 countdown that when multiplied the value of 7x8x9 adds up to 504. If one then divides this time by 7 cycle of time, as in the Shemitah cycle itself, the result will be 72. Another unique attribute of 72 is that from the China meltdown on August 23, 2015 along with its celestial conjunctions to the partial solar eclipse and when the ‘collapse’ occurs on the 13th of September is 21 days. This 21 numerical value can be factored out as a 7-7-7 coefficient. This in turn adds up to 504 hours and when divided by a cycle of 7 results in 72 again. What is significant about 72 is that it is the coefficient of a totality of a time period, a season or an end of a time period. It also correlates to the number of Elders Israel had for example. The common denominator is that a time has come to its full measure.

The Fallout
The synchronicity of this market point encrypted countdown meets more that the mind can ascertain on the surface to the unobservant. From the Jupiter-Sun in Regulus-Mars alignment in Leo that coincided with China’s meltdown on August 23, 2015 to the Mars-Regulus conjunction in Leo on Yom Kippur September 23, 2015 is 30 days. In a factoring out of this time, 30 days is equal to 720 hours. The duration of the span of time the Fall Feast of YHVH lasts from Rosh HaShanah to the end of Sukkot is 23 days. Coincidentally, from the start of the encrypted countdown on August 20, 2015 that saw the beginning of the -888 drop and the resignation of Tsipras of Greece to Rosh HaShanah and the projected total collapse time is also 23 days. It indeed appears that the Luciferins have perhaps encrypted the last warning based off of celestial and numerical Gematria to absolve themselves of culpability in not warning the world of their Satanic agenda and time frame.


Another numerical observation that also converges on the Elul 29/Rosh HaShanah date of Tishrei 1 is the Shemitah countdown that appears to signal the end of America as the preeminent economic power of the Old Order. On a prior study entitled The Masonic Jubilee Countdown and The Shemitah Pattern, it is shown that America’s time expires at the 32nd Shemitah, September 14, 2015 the start of 5776. America as the great ‘Phoenix’ has to fall and burn according to the dictates of the Luciferians. It has to come to its 'end' or conclusion of its scheduled time that runs out on Elul 29. This is based on the Coinage Act of 1792 time marker countdown when American began to coin its own money as a newly formed Republic. From that time there are exactly 32 Shemitahs. It is just like the unfinished pyramid of the Masonic Reverse Seal of the USA.

The year 5776 will start the 33rd Shemitah corresponds to the descending All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer. The studies suggest the meaning of the Reverse Seal of the USA has encrypted America’s schedule and purpose that serve the Luciferian agenda. It is a Luciferian schedule of ‘birthing’ the economic-political-religious fusion for the New World Order, the coming False Prophet and the long awaited AntiChrist. The work is done, the Fall of the Phoenix, the USA is thus to be used to bring in the last 7 years cycle as it to be discarded like the mythical old Phoenix to make room for the New Order Phoenix. This hypothesis is the 1st chapter of the book also entitled, The Fall of the Phoenix that goes into further research and detail about it.

Thus based on all these synchronicities, both celestial, numerical and beyond, Monday September 14th is when the markets open in America. The Asian markets will open first on the 13th due to the time zones that will be on the 29th of Elul, on the start the partial solar eclipse.  Many are insinuating that perhaps the Rapture Event is to occur most likely on Yom Kippur, the 23rd due to a myriad of clues and number associations of 923 or 239 encrypted combinations that also allude to a sort of countdown. Not to sound like Y2K and the Mayan Calendar of 2012 all over again but the signals are strong once again. If at least such analysis of the celestial convergences and numerical nuances confirms that at least such an economic global meltdown will occur the perhaps the spiritual counterpart of the countdown could possibly involve the Rapture Event.

In a prior book entitled, The Synchronization of Prophetic Time, it speaks to this specific time leading up to the possible end of the Church Age occurring in the year5776 as it is prophetically significance. At least in terms of types and shadows, it is a very high alert time, probably the highest it has been based on such celestial and numerical patterns. There is a prime qualifier; of course it may not happen. The following data are numerical observation based off the timeline and content of the study in summary form already mentioned above.

Elul 1 / Aug 16 and applying the Satanic 13+13+13 pattern of sacrificial rites
+13 = Aug 29
+13 = Sep 11
+13 = Sep 23 (excluding end date)


Aug 20                                        Sep 13                                               Sep 23
888 2-day drop                   Rosh HaShanah                                      Yom Kippur
ϕ ---------------------| -----------------------------------------------|
Cryptic countdown                     5776                                                    Jubilee Year                            


Start of -888 market collapse countdown: Elul 6
Aug 20, 2015 to Sep 13, 2015 = 23 days excluding end date

Aug 20, 2015 to Sep 23, 2015 = 33 days excluding end date


U.S. Dow Jones Fall        Thursday 20    - 530 points     

U.S. Dow Jones Fall         Friday     21    - 358 punts     

                                                             -888 points            

888 is Gematria for Jesus Christ. The 8th day alludes to Noah and new beginning or a New World Order. It is also associated with resurrection.

2008                            2015                            2015

Countdown                  Beginning                    End
29 Elul                         9 Elul                           29 Elul
777                              888                              999?

(7-8-9) pattern
7x8x9 =
504/7 = 72

Conjunction of Sun with Regulus with Jupiter-Mars conjunction: Elul 9
Monday, August 24, 2015 = 1000 opening drop in the Dow Jones

August 24, 2015 to, Monday, September 14, 2015 = 21 days (7-7-7)
21 days =

504 hours/7 = 72


Aug 24                                                                                                      Sep 23
1000 point drop -----------------------30 days -------------------------------------Yom Kippur
Jupiter-Sun-Mars                          720 hours                                            Mars-Regulus

Partial solar eclipse on Sunday: Elul 29 / Monday 1 Tishri
Elul 29 / Sep 13 = Collapse starts in the Far-East Markets
*** Tishrei 1 / Sept 14 = NYSE Stock Market Crash


Aug 24                                                                                                     Sep 23
China Crash ----------------------------33 days ------------------------------------Yom Kippur
Jupiter-Sun-Mars       33rd Shemitah since 1792 Coinage Act                 Mars-Regulus


Aug 20                                                                                                    Sep 13
888 2-day drop------------------------23 days ------------------------------------Rosh HaShanah
Dow Jones                 time mirrors length of Holy Feasts                       5776


The following is the partial list of the convergences to take place in September 2015 from various internet sources.

07 - Iran Deal vote by Congress.
11 - Last day market trading.
12 - Madonna Concert entitled ‘The Desecration of the Bride and the return of the Fallen Angels’
13 - A partial solar eclipse on Elul 29.
13 - Rosh HaShanah start of year 5776, Anno Lucis or Year of Lucifer.
15 - End of Jade HELM
15 - Opening 70th session of the UN.
15 - Virgo sign of Revelation approximation
21 - The United Nations International Day of Peace
23 - Yom Kippur with Jubilee Year proclaimed
23 - Muslim feast of Eid ul Adha, Day of Sacrifice or Slaughter
23 - CERN fires up to full power
24 - Pope addresses UN

24 - Pope address U.S. Congress
26 - Pope in Philadelphia
28 - Sukkot with Super Blood Moon end of Tetrad


Some Observations from the internet from various sources.
- Yom Kippur is on the 266th day of 2015.
- The earliest a woman’s pregnancy is considered full term is 266 days.
- The 266th Pope will meet Obama on the 266th day, Yom Kippur on Sep 23, 2015.
- Pope elected on Mar 14, 2014 exactly 923 (9/23) days from this date to Sep 23, 2015.

- The Mayan Cycle was 5126 years. From Sep 11, 2001 to Sep 23, 2015, there are 5126 days.

- If one adds 1948 and 67 you arrive at the year 2015.
- Some Jewish are expecting their Messiah to appear at the end of the 7th Sabbatical Shemitah.
- Muslim clerics are predicting the return of their Mahdi in Sep 2015.


Time is Short

The 10 Virgin parable typology will now be considered in its possible application to the spiritual reset that could involve the Rapture Event. It is understood though that the Rapture Event is a prophetic mystery, a secret. Even though all 10 Virgins fell asleep, there was a collective ‘awakening’ at the very hour to the call to prepare to meet the Groom at the ‘midnight hour’ when ‘thieves’ lurk about. An emissary of the Groom would come and blow the trumpet, a shofar, or an alarm to wake the Bride and her cohort of Virgins or Maidens as she then knew of the day and hour. The maidens or ‘Virgins’ would escort the Bride to meet her Groom at a halfway point usually in the street leading up to the Father’s house of the Groom. The point is how can the Bride ‘not know’ and be in the dark, no pun intended of the possible ‘day and the hour’ and yet perhaps Lucifer does? Does Lucifer know the timing of the Rapture?

Lucifer has had thousands of years to study the prophecies of the Bible and has access still to accuse the Brethren in the Judicial Court in Heaven. Lucifer knows the following from glimpses given in the Bible. Lucifer will, at this time also unveil his savior, his AntiChrist or instead of Christ hand in hand with his new economic and religious resets. Lucifer knows that his time is short, that his days are numbered. In fact they are exactly 42 months or 1260 days of total power unrestraint called the Great Tribulation. He has the run-up of the first 1260 days to set up the stage with his False Prophet and AntiChrist. Lucifer knows that the 2520 days might coincide with the last Shemitah or Sabbatical cycle that is an economic cycle also and which he controls the world through.


Lucifer knows that he will be expelled from Heaven at some point, perhaps at the midpoint of the 7 year Tribulation period. Lucifer thus seeks to open the portal or gate of the Abyss to let loose those Titans, those that left their 1st estate in the times of Enoch and are to be released in the 70th Jubilee since the Flood. This time correspond to 2015-16, the Anno Lucis, the Year of Lucifer, 5776. Lucifer knows that he can mathematically backtrack such celestial events as a Tetrad, signs in the Sun, Moon and Start to the general time of the Rapture if not the day and hour itself. For such a purpose he has in the wings the agenda to roll out Lucifer’s ‘false Rapture’ to coincide with the ‘Alien’ disclosure. This possible scenario will incorporate what many believe to be what the ‘lie that will be believed’ will be.

Lucifer knows and can also calculate the trajectory of Nibiru’s flyby that is to coincide with the Seal judgments and thus triangulate the timing of the end of the Church Age. He can thus calibrate to such an extent the mathematical dates based on the timing of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. So the verse that states that ‘know man knows the day or the hour’ is not in the context about the Rapture which is the Parousia but the 2nd Coming which is the Epiphanies. Lucifer knows the difference; the People of YHVH should know the difference too. Until then, the world markets are in the death throes in anticipation of the coming resets both economic and spiritual; much like the last contractions of a pregnant woman about to birth a child. Many or most economy ‘experts’ fail to correlate such principles and the behind the scenes spiritual events directly related to the crashes based on celestial signs.

An End and a Beginning

Sadly, the Church for the most part has stayed clear of such knowledge as being superstitions or pseudo-science but they fail to see that the Luciferian Globalists that manipulate and rule the world by their mammon peg their schedule to the Sun, Moon and the Stars. If one examines the main celestial convergences that occur in the world financial market drops, one can easily see that the conjunction and alignments appear to have a direct correlation to the volatility of the global market economic cycles. For example, the number 13 and the triple count that the Luciferians incorporate in their worship of Lucifer with human sacrifices are set to this 13-13-13 cycle. If one applies this numerical template to the 1st of Elul, the month that this study suggests has set the countdown to the 29th of Elul and that it happens to end with the partial solar eclipse, one would get the following observations.

What occurred on August 23, 2015 with the meltdown of China’s market is that there was a very unique planetary alignment in Leo. The Sun was in conjunction with Regulus the Star of the King, the Messiah. Flanking the Sun was Jupiter, the Planet of the King, of Messiah with Mars, the God of War. Inevitably this speaks of a coming theatre of war that will be unprecedented as will be the crash of the world financial markets. If the clues and patterns are any indication that the economic cycle will end, then the code of the Shemitah countdown since the Coinage Act of 1792 is valid. The 32 counts of the Shemitah will have the total and complete economic collapse of the world markets that will occur on Elul 29 of 2015. This is at the threshold of the reset, the equilibrium that the cycles are pegged to that this study suggest will also involve a resetting in the spiritual realm.

The partial solar eclipse of September 13 which is Tishrei 1 or Rosh HaShanah resets the Mazzaroth between Libra and Leo. The September 23 Yom Kippur occurs on the Equinox that speaks of an equalizing of the Light and Darkness, in the spiritual realm. Thus this is why many are excited that the Rapture Event could occur at this time as the Church Age also concludes with a spiritual reset. This spiritual reset involves the stewardship of the Testimony of Jesus, to Jesus. It will be transferred to the coming 144,000 and spiritual economy of Israel once again. It will be a time exclusively post-Church along with the 2 Witnesses, Elijah and Enoch that are to accompany this testimony to Jesus at least within their 1260 day commission.


To reiterate, this study only seeks to extrapolate the patterns presented in the study so far and correlate them to the event that is also ominous and much anticipated, the Biblical notion of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This study also suggests that based on the patterns presented, a spiritual reset could be occurring as well. This reset would basically be determined by the Rapture Event that is to ‘fall’ much like the world stock markets. It would be in conjunction to all these celestial, numerical and Earth events beginning in the year 5776. The Rapture Event does not have to happen during these amazing convergences of time but the contemplation of such a possibility at such a prophetic time is at least merited. It might well be the case that the Rapture Event occurs in another month of September and in another year.


The Day and the Hour?
The study suggests that up to now there is nothing like the start to the Jewish year of 5776 in terms of convergences, As Above, So Below. This study is not insinuating that at precisely on Rosh HaShanah or Yom Kippur the Rapture Event has to take place or must but that the based on the typology, the celestial signs in the heavens and the tangible ominous signs on Earth, it could very well occur. There are so many prophetic convergences occurring in the Fall of 2015 it's just phenomenal and amazing that all of them will be realized in one’s lifetime. If the Church Age is to continue here on Earth into 2016 and beyond, America and the world for that matter will not be recognizable and the persecution of the Church will come to the USA wholesale. It is not that the Church should run or coward from such tribulation times, as the Bride has endured tribulation since day one.

The point is that those Believers in Christ that will come to Jesus from the start of the Tribulation, regardless of when it starts are not the Church and cannot be the Church. The Menorah type 7 candlestick with Christ Jesus in the midst is exclusively the Church Age when the Gentile wild branches have had a chance to be grafted in. During the Tribulation, not one day before or after will Believers of Christ be part of the Bride regardless if Gentile of Jew. This is just how special the Church Age has been and is but will not be during the Tribulation. Why? It is because all the Promises of Jesus to His Church, His 7 Golden Lampstand Menorah have been and are for the Church Age, not for the Tribulation Period. The question then becomes, when will the Church Age then possibly end?

Perhaps the Church Age that was started on Pentecost in the 1st century coincided with a possible eclipse pattern of some type. It could have been much like what is celestially converging during the Fall Feasts of YHVH in 2015. The Apostle Peter amazingly and correctly referenced the birth of the Church with the signs of the Sun, Moon and Stars by way of Joel. Peter was such a type of Believer that new how to read the Sun, Moon and Stars, after the order of the Wise Magi. This art has been lost today by the Church. However the point is that possibly as a prophetic ‘bookend’ to the Church Age, the end of the Church could very well then also finish with such and ecliptic sequence pattern related to the Sun, Moon and the Stars; a celestial bookend.

Will the Bride know when she is about to be called to meet the Groom? Again, the verse ‘no one knows the day or the hour’ is used erroneously against the Rapture Event and has been brainwashed into the Church psyche that YHVH cannot tell His Prophets what is to take place before He does something prophetic. Is not the Rapture of the Bride one of the most profound and prophetic events in the whole of YHVH’s timetable? Would not a Groom, a Princely Son of a wealthy landowner be in such anticipation to finally ‘unveil’ his Bride and see the wedding and marriage be consummated with great expectation and longing? If it is case with in the earthly sense, how much more would it be with the SON of GOD, the author of weddings, marriage and sex? The point is that if the Promise of YHVH is true that ‘He does nothing before informing His Prophets’, then the Bride in some why in some fashion will be told the day and the hour.

The Secret Calling
Such revelation about the Rapture Event may be revealed by the LORD just before the last day and hour even but the point is that collectively the Bride does not need to know until that very ‘day’ and ‘hour’. This study just suggests that the Fall Feasts of YHVH particularly of 2015 could be one such time. The Holy Spirit will bear witness throughout the whole Body of Christ and be in union, in agreement and at peace about it. There will be a ‘peace’ and sensitivity that her call upward is about to occur and to get ready. The requirement? Spiritual maturity, purity, and humility. What does the ironing out all the wrinkles and making her garments white as snow look like? It will like a Mary as opposed to a Martha of the Gospel accounts. The context is when Jesus wept at the hearing of the news that Lazarus had died. He purposefully waiting after 3 days as it was the custom of the Jews to confirm a death so that there would be no possible act of resuscitation.

As Jesus approached Bethany, Martha rushed to Jesus and basically lectured Jesus about why He couldn’t have stopped the suffering and death of one of His own and that He loved. It was Mary; in contract that was waiting upon the LORD, in silence, in humility in brokenness for the Beloved Teacher. This is the typology of the Bride Jesus wants out of His Church and will get at the last day and hour in His Beloved Bride. The point is that at this place in time of the Bride’s history, she has never been more alert and aware of this pending secret call that is not just individually sensed but collectively sensed, perhaps for the first time ever regarding the Rapture Event. What is profound that many may not have connected is that there is profound Rapture typology of the raising of Lazarus from the dead and with the different spiritual disposition between Martha and Mary.

It was Mary that was summonsed ‘secretly’ and she came to Jesus as He had called her to come to Him. Jesus was moved tremendously within Himself at the death of the ones He loved. The Bible describes that as Jesus showed them and all the other witness the power to resurrect Lazarus, so too Will Jesus call for His ‘Mary’ in secret to come to Him and show the world the power He has to raise the dead in the Rapture Event. Will not the Rapture Event be a witness to the Church, the Martha’s and the world that as Jesus ‘secretly’ calls for His ‘Mary’ Jesus will demonstrate the power of resurrection at the point of the Rapture? It was Mary who was the one that washed the LORD’s feet with her tears and poured the expensive perfume with her hair.


The glory of a women according to the Bible is her hair. This speaks of the difference between a Believer and a Disciple, of one whom Jesus is just a Savior but not LORD. This is the issue for the Church at the end of her royal commission, in her last day and hour. What will the majority of the Church end up like, will it be like a Martha or a Mary? This is not to diminish the disposition of Martha but as a limited typology Mary is the type of Bride within the Church that loves the LORD with all her heart, soul and being. The Bride of Christ like a Mary is made ready because of her suffering that she learned meekness, humility. It was thus in her stillness of her heart able to hear that secret calling, that still voice of Jesus when the LORD called her to come to Him despite the mourning and noise perhaps all around her.

Will it be no different when Jesus secretly calls for His Bride to meet Him in the air as she is resurrected and raptured? Is one such a type like a Mary that will be ready at a moment’s notice waiting for the ‘secret’ calling to meet the LORD in the air as Jesus resurrects and raptures one unto Himself despite the suffering and noise all around? The key to being like a Mary and ‘secretly’ hearing the call of the Groom to come to Him is to be still in one’s spirit, to be humble, pure and waiting in earnest expectation for His Promises, for the resurrection power only found in Jesus. Jesus promised to come back for the Bride one day and that He would resurrect her and call her to meet Him halfway between Heaven and Earth to be ushered into the Father’s House at the end of her royal commission.


It appears that there has never been a time as now when the collective consciousness of the Church senses that such a monumental change and countdown is coming. There is an overall sense of urgency of the Bride needing to be prepared spiritually for what is to come prophetically regarding the closing of the Church Age and various resets. This is perhaps true due to technology that at any given moment the condition and events affecting the Body of Christ are known instantaneously. This spiritual and prophetic sensitivity has always been present as the Church is a living organism. The Body of Christ feels the effects of suffering from those being persecuted for example half way around the world. This is the spiritual principle in that as one member of the body suffers, the whole body suffers, etc.


The difference is that in this last day, in this last hour for the Church in general, the degree to which whose who have the spiritual preparedness like a Mary are the ones that will be able to hear the Groom when He calls for the Bride. The Gospels state that Mary, at the hearing of her being summonsed, ‘rose up’ and when out to meet Jesus. In this last ‘day’, this last ‘hour’ the Bride needs to be like a Mary. Will the possible spiritual reset that could accompany the coming economic, political, religious and social reset be the Rapture Event also? As the Phoenix falls, that of America and the Old Order is reset, will the Bride rise to meet the LORD in the air as she has been summonsed?


This study is only suggesting that possibly, the Fall Feasts of starting especially from the Elul 29/Tishrei 1 partial solar eclipse and the end of the Tetrad could be this end of the Church Age corresponding ‘bookend’. These celestial conjunction patterns start with Rosh HaShanah, climax on Yom Kippur with the Jubilee Year and conclude distinctively with the Super Moon and the end of the Tetrad on Sukkot; what better time! This celestial witness or finale as a sort of celestial performance that converge on the Feast days of YHVH will never be seen again in one’s lifetimes. Regardless, the week from the 13-28th of September, 2015 is amazing. To reiterate, the Rapture does not need to be tied to an economic crash cycles but the possible reset scenarios of having such a myriad of convergences on so many levels at this place and at this point in human history, of the Church Age could be cause for great alertness and spiritual observation.

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