Luis Vega (23 Aug 2015)
"THE FALL OF THE PHOENIX - Master Plan for America in Prophecy"


Prophetic Signs and the Rise of the New Order

by Luis B. Vega for online information in Books section

The Fall of the Phoenix chronicles the cracked code of the 32 Shemitah countdown since 1776 of America’s demise. Various celestial signs are taking place that appear to also be signaling a prophetic countdown to the coming Fall of the Phoenix, America. It appears that not only are the signs of the times etched in the celestial realm. This book will also focus on key occultic landmarks and masonry in America. It appears that certain monuments have also clocked America’s destiny by the seeds of its own destruction. What is to rise after the collapse of America may very well be the new Order of the Biblical AntiChrist with the prophetic new economic, religious and political hegemony.

America as a society and country has fast become a different nation than just 7 years ago when the last major economic crash happened. Since then, its new morality and disposition politically, economically and religiously is comparable to those prior world empires on the last death throes of its existence. The book considers the possible causes in these End Times for America. It appears that the Republic once founded on Biblical principles seems to have traded its Covenant with GOD for worthless idolatry and perversion and thus has been primed for national judgment.

The most recent eschatological studies have been compiled to ascertain the ominous signs of the pending economic and moral collapse of America and the world financial markets. The celestial signs of such times seem to point to a coming convergence in 5776. This time could possibly see the world economic reset and the ensuing 3rd World War as a result that this book suggests are also factors based on the phi ratio of prophetic time.

It appears that 5776 is a time of reaching a balance, of achieving an equilibrium obtained by the Fall of the Phoenix. This book will attempt to show also that the signs are also possibly signaling a time for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The world it seems is fast approaching a vortex of prophetic fulfillment to set the stage for Daniel’s last 7th week of years. Perhaps the fall of America, the Fall of the Phoenix in terms of Biblical prophecy will be the resetting of this new beginning that is to usher in the last prophetic week of years before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

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