Jovial (22 Aug 2015)
"Poll of Christian Affiliation"

At is a poll of Americans that says

  • 85% of Americans identify themselves as Christian.  This breaks down as
    • 53% Protestant
    • 22% Catholic
    • 8% "other".  It would appear all of these were truncated, since the integers add up to slightly less than 85.
  • 11% are not religious.
  • 4% are non-Christian; Jew, Muslim, Hindu, etc.

Even more significant

  • 47% of Protestants and 14% of Catholics say they are "born again".  That would add up to about 28% of the US population; about twice what it was in 2000 according to which said that at the time, "About 14 percent of the electorate in 2000 identified itself as part of the "Christian Right"."  So maybe the Protestant numbers are up too. 

That is a significant increase for Catholics.  The percentage of Catholics who identified themselves as "born again" in 1999 when the Catholic Church signed a joint statement of faith with the Lutherans affirming that Salvation is by Faith and not by Works - a major shift for the Vatican - was only at 2%.  In 2010, the percentage of Catholics identifying themselves as "born again" was at 10%, and today it is at 14%.  So it has been growing about 1% per year since Rome agreed to say salvation is by Faith and not by Works.  That is also in spite of having a heretic for a pope!

So it would appear that Rome's willingness to abandon their Salvation by Works doctrine has eliminated a barrier that prevented a lot of people from finding God.  I am sure God was behind this, no doubt.

The world seems to be getting worse, but the Church is improving.  There's a verse in Revelation that says something like that would happen around the end times, but I think I can see now why it happens.  The worse and more deprave the word gets, the more it can cause the average person to recognize the need for God.  So while a lot of us might look at what is happening in the world today and shake our head and wonder how much worse it is going to get, lets ask ourself - is God letting this happen to drive people to Him?  Maybe so.