Jan J (30 Aug 2015)
"My Heart Is There - a poem about Heaven"


A fitting poem for the spiritual season:
"My heart is there!
Where, on eternal hills, my loved one dwells
Among the lilies and asphodels;
Clad in the brightness of the Great White Throne,
Glad in the smile of Him who sits thereon,
The glory gilding all His wealth of hair
And making his immortal face more fair----
THERE IS MY TREASURE and my heart is there.
"My heart is there!
With Him who made all earthly life so sweet,
So fit to live, and yet to die so meet;
So mild, so grand, so gentle and so brave,
So ready to forgive, so strong to save.
His fair, pure Spirit makes the Heavens more fair,
And thither rises all my longing prayer----
THERE IS MY TREASURE and my heart is there."
~ Unknown