Jan J (30 Aug 2015)
"An important, confirming vision - 'in the fall'"


A few months ago, I shared a short vision the Lord gave me as I was about to fall asleep. I'd like to mention it again:
Suddenly an oval white cloud appeared directly in front of my eyes....oh, maybe 3 feet or so away.
A hand reached forward, and across the cloud in thin black print wrote 3 words:    IN    THE    FALL
I was not alarmed, but rather intrigued by the vision. My first impression was "Rapture."  As reasoning set in, I thought it could mean any BIG event.  And so to this day, the Lord has not disclosed what it shall be IN THE FALL.  I believe fall begins September 23 and lasts into early November.  Not sure and don't have a calendar handy.
Now this vision was given before September came sharply into focus prophetically and with numerous markers.
I felt led of the Lord to share it once again.