Jan J (30 Aug 2015)


Your trumpets article was very inspiring.  Yes, God gives us sounds for signs, and also other types of signs. He knows every single thing we think, do and breathe. He's omniscient.
My precious granddaughter, age 12, needed an instrument for Band for this new school year.  She does love the Lord and you can easily tell that.  What did she choose for her instrument? A
trumpet.  I ordered one and it's to be here in 2 days.
During the dark wee hours of the morning. There was a strong thunderstorm.  At one point, thunder crashed very close to the house.
It just so happens that I have a very small piece of pure silver in my purse.  See how God confirms again and again?
Trumpet = the Lord's Return, Thunder = God's Voice, Silver = Salvation. 
 There are deeper meanings to our LIMITLESS GOD
and HIS WAY of letting us know things!!