James Brownlow (23 Aug 2015)
"AMERICAN FLAG Falls to Earth on Obama's birthday"

John :

I am not sure where I found this , but it does not seem to be posted anywhere on fivedoves.....

On August 4, 2012 , Obama's birthday, day 6x6x6, the 216th day of each calendar year , an American tennis player, Serena Williams, won the the gold medal. As the American anthem was being played, the three national flags of gold, silver, and bronze awards were raised together. Only one flag, the MIDDLE flag of America, blew off and fell to earth. This is most unlikely, as neither end flag was affected, only the middle position. The crowd gasped.

This was Obama's BIRTHDAY. The theme song for the London Olympics was titled "Survival". And here is  amazing video below...... The Hand of God in a wisp of wind......