Gino (30 Aug 2015)

About 36 years ago writings began to change.
I was new to Christian writings and Christian literature.
I subscribed to newsletters & spent a lot of time at the bookstore.
I also was new to conservative writings and conservative literature.
I also subscribed to those as well, including information from the John Birch Society.
Back then, the Christian writings were chock full of things about the rapture, and who may be the antichrist.
The conservative writings were so powerful in the face of our hostages in Iran, and loss of US prestige abroad.
However, in that period up to the presidential election, saw some changes in the writings.
Amazingly, in both simultaneously, and imperceptively slow, a change began.
There were things beginning to sound a little amillennial, about Israel and the church.
Over time it became clear that Replacement Theology was creeping into Evangelical writings.
At the same time, the conservative writings & literature began to slowly take on an anti-Semitic leaning.
Before long, I was receiving from multiple sources, writings about the Kazaars.
That was apparently supposed to have convinced me that those living in Israel weren't really children of Jacob.
Then in the Christian writings began to appear many things about those in the church being the real, inward Jews.
Then I began receiving copies of the Learned Elders of Zion.
That flipped my lid, and I showed all this to my best friend, whose parents had miraculously survived Auschwitz.
He spent some time looking at things, and perhaps talked to his parents.
He told me that it looked like history was repeating itself, that these things happened in the 30's in Europe.
However, at that time, America produced a Reagan, and the anti-semitism began to subside.
I've been noticing things, little by little, popping up, almost identically, to the way they did 36 years ago.
I hope that I'm wrong.