Gerry Almond (30 Aug 2015)
"Jesus is surely coming on"

August 28, 2015


The Song of Songs teaches, I believe, two raptures. These are found in chapters 2 and 6. Both are the Shulamite Bride, but one is ready, the other is not. One is 5 virgins with oil; the other is 5 virgins without oil. One has used its talent; the other has buried it in the ground (world). One is represented by barley, the other is by wheat.

In connection with the Song of Solomon, and with respect to identifying two raptures, it is important to arrive correctly at the birth of Jesus. The reason is that His birth date connects directly to the Song's first rapture. What is the connection? It begins on the Spring equinox with His conception, which is March 20./21, 2015. A full solar eclipse, the mid point of the now well known tetrad of blood moons identified by Mark Biltz and covering 2014 and 2015, occurred that very day, March 20.

I believed for many years that the physical birth of Jesus occurred on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. After all, the Jews expected their Messiah to come then. They did not have the particulars, but they revered the Feast of Tabernacles very, very much. It had, after all, the glorious seventh day. That day, the booths that they had made for the feast were torn down, and they marched out of the temple gate following 24 concourses of priests all blowing silver trumpets until they reached the Valley of Kidron, from where they disspersed and went home, or perhaps stayed in the city awaiting the Feast of Hanukkah, 53 days hence.

This seventh day of Tabernacles was a picture of the rapture. They had it made but they lost the rapture because they lost the great Feast of Tabernacles. In its place they got a lesser version or “second tabernacles” called Hanukkah or the Feast of Lights, and also called the Feast of the Dedication. Hanukkah became over time, and is still true today, the most popular feast of Jewry.


I have found that Almighty God has His ways of telling us things. One example is the Shroud of Turin. It is a negative of the crucified Christ produced as His body burned through the burial cloth upon His resurrection. What an amazing way for God to give the world a picture of His Son without a camera. But that is what God did. It simply remains for us to receive the truth of it and that should be conviction enough.

And just so, God gave us the way to determine the birth date of Jesus Christ. By numbering the Hebrew and Greek letters of their languages, God gave us a way to find this elusive time mathematically and therefore, without error. Here is how He did it.

In announcing the coming of Messiah, the Holy Spirit had Matthew pen the following words:

“And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name JESUS; for He shall save His people from their sins”. (Matt 1:21) In this verse of Scripture is found the mathematical formula for us to determine the date of Jesus' birth. “Gematria” is the term assigned to both Hebrew and Greek letters which causes each to have a number value. In the case of Jesus Christ, His earthly name's number in both languages is:


His second name is found also above. You need to understand that Jesus did not come to earth to rule. He came rather to SAVE man if man would accept Him. Therefore in the verse above we have His second name. Using gematria, it's word and number value is:


The multiplied product is 12,432

These are the days of His life. Here is how it breaks down in true passage of time:

From conception to fertilization 14 days
From fertilization to birth 266 days

Total perfect textbook gestation period 280 days

The days of physical life 12,152 days

Total days 12,432 days or 34 solar years and 14 days

Thus from His birth to His death was 12,152 days

When birth to death (12,152 days) is converted to solar years that equals 33.27 solar years.

In the year 33, Passover occurred on April 3. That is based on the rotating universal Jewish calendar. Counting back, therefore, 12,152 days one arrives at the birth date of Jesus Christ. That date is December 24/25, 00 or 01 depending on if there was a zero year between BC and AD.

Further counting back 280 days, one arrives at the annunciation and overshadowing of Mary by the Holy Spirit. That date is March 20/21, 00 or 01. Thus this Spring equinox, March 20, 2015, we arrive full bore at the very beginning of the earthly existence of Jesus Christ, that is His miraculous conception, 2,014 or 2015 years ago. This is positive proof that God considers a person a being at conception, not physical birth. This validates the sinfulness of abortion on demand.


This plays directly into the Song of Songs announcement of the first rapture in chapter 2 verses 10 through 12. It reads “Arise my beloved and come away”. Then is give a litany of signs of both flora and fauna, ending with the grape harvest time, in September.

Instead of the Feast of Tabernacles being operative at Jesus physical birth, it was rather the replacement feast, Hanukkah that was operative. What a loss for Israel, to lose Tabernacles but what a gain for the gentile Church, the Shulamite of the Song of Songs. And for the Philadelphian Church in particular. This Church is in Revelation 3: 1ff and is the subject of the first rapture phase.

By the way, the fraction of a year attached to Jesus timeline, that is .27 of a year is 99/100 days. >From Christmas Eve, the birth of Jesus, to April 3 is that number of days. To repeat something very exciting to me, Jesus return for His Philadelphian Christians could have been on the very anniversary of His conception, the Spring equinox. Since it was not, we need to look to the end of the signs given at the Spring equinox to perhaps find the final time. Some are today pointing to September 13, 2015 as a high watch date. That is consistent with the grape harvest beginning and the fragrance of the tender grapes being at their highest.

The sister Church, the Laodicean Christians are to be left behind. They think themselves ready, but they find they have no oil (Holy Spirit) in their lamps (Salvation). They must remain behind to secure oil, but they will arrive later (Song 6:12ff) after they have, by going through weeping and gnashing of teeth, learned to surrender to God Almighty and His Son, their Savior as the Scriptures required them to. When they arrive in heaven, they knock on the door of the wedding supper chamber, only to be told “I know you not”. But, in chapter 7 of the Song of Songs, we find them wedded to the Bridegroom, just as Philadelphia was also, along with the other five, which have no living members, and therefore are participants in the resurrection of the dead in Christ and not part of the rapture of the two living Churches of Revelation.

The honeymoon is seen chapters 7 and 8 of the Song of Songs. There Israel is dealt with. She is seen as a sub-teen girl (this is regathered Israel) and evidently she is to received both her city of Jerusalem and her temple.

The Song of Songs seem to be the book that ties together several passages, such as Matthew 24/25, Matthew 13, the parable of the wheat and the tares, John 4:35, the fields of barley and wheat, and Revelation 2 and 3, the Churches.


Gerry Almond