Gerry Almond (23 Aug 2015)
"Our Soon Homegoing"

August 21, 2015
We are at the very beginning of the harvest of grapes in Israel, that is very late August and into September.  Why is this important?  Because the fragrance of the grapes is the strongest just before the harvest and the tender grapes make the best wine in Israel.  That is also true in California, but there the harvest is in September.  This is the last of the sign of Song of Songs chapter 2:10ff.  We have gone through the Springtime when the flowers appear, the birds sing, the turtledove is in the land, etc. and the very last is the grapes.  This makes a September rapture possible for the first of the two, the Philadelphia Christians.   Laodicean Christians are left behind. But for how long?   I don't know, but is will be long enough for them to repent of their apostasy and then appear before the door of the wedding supper chamber.  There they will be denied admittance with the words "I know you not" (Matt 25:12).  These are the last 5 of the virgins, that had to go after oil for their lamps (Matt 25:1-13).  These are going to find the path rough and fraught with "weeping and gnashing of teeth" in a world that is in chaos.  So, how long between the two Christian groups?   I don't know.   Not long, I surmise.
I am so sorry for the Laodicean brethren who will not accompany me.  I pray for them.  They are not lost, that is, they are one of the seven Churches of Rev 2 and 3.  They have lamps (Salvation) but NO OIL (Holy Spirit) in their salvation lamps, and they fall into what James described as no works to support their faith.  They took Jesus gift of salvation and were glad to have it, but did not deem it necessary to follow Him in their lives thereafter, rather they went after the things of the world.  This was coined by the phrase "easy believism" some time ago. It means that you could be saved and then live in the world because salvation is without repentance on God's part, thus you can't lose it.  But you can lose the first rapture phase, according to the Song of Songs, and also the Gospels.  Paul, James, Peter, etc. all warned against taking God for granted and not obeying His holy commands.  God is a very jealous God, and will not be mocked.  This is so very sad.  Because these heaped to themselves hireling pastors and preachers that tickled their ears with soft, uplifting messages, but never the whole counsel of God as God demanded.  Listen and understand...even God's saved ones cannot mock His own words, He simply will not stand for it.
As for those watching and waiting, loving the Lord and His ways, obeying from HEART the things of Christ and His Father, and walking daily in the Spirit of Grace, we are soon to enjoy the wedding supper, prepared for us by our Bridegroom in heaven.  What a day, what a feast!!!
Look up, brothers and sisters, our redemption draws nigh.
Gerry Almond