Fay (23 Aug 2015)
"Pulling Tongues - Eeeuw"

More age appropriate in a 5 year old..............yet we seem to have adults indulging in this weirdness. Plus images of Kali with her tongue hanging out, on the Empire State building! See Nando's post. I have posted this very short video link below with the bizarre (seriously bizarre) appearance of Jim Carey on the Jimmy Kemmel show. Poking his tongue out through a triangle formed by his hands. Revolting. He was - ostensibly - making fun of conspiracy theorists. I don't know about any of you other Watchmen, but I know of very few ordinary people who take note of the 'pyramid hand signals' or could even give a tiny rats ass about 9/11 etc. Therefore. Jim Carey is very aware of what he is doing and who he is aiming it at. The whole 'tongue' thing also brings to mind (unfortunately) the delightful ( sense the sarcasm) Miley Cyrus and her rather large tongue and twerking habits. 3 minute video clip below.

Jim Carrey's Secret Hand Signal