Faith (23 Aug 2015)
"To Watchman re: "For Doves"  (Black Antichrist)"

You certainly got my attention with your article here:

However, I was curious as to why the date was in a different font type - was it added later? So I looked around the site a bit and found that none of the articles I opened had a date. Just the one titled "Black Antichrist"
So, out of curiosities sake, I used an old google search trick to pull up the date the article was originally posted on the web. As you can see in the screen capture below, the date it was published for the first time was Nov 22, 2014.  Not 2006 as listed on the page. Perhaps that was supposed to imply the date the author wrote it rather than the date he posted it to the net, but I find it somewhat misleading. Enough so that I likely wont pay much attention to that particular 'pastor Mike Storti' in the future as it seems he used deception to gain attention to it. Things sent of God need no deceptive tricks, they stand on their own.  I admit it is entirely possible that he was simply posting a note written earlier. but he attempted to make it look as if it was actually posted earlier. I may be wrong (as I often am) but it appears to me that the author wrote this less than a year ago but added a much earlier date to make it appear prophetic. 

Be careful out there, deception is everywhere, especially where we least expect it. 

YSIC, Faith