Denis Hart (30 Aug 2015)


(World Net Daily article)

I recently came across a very interesting article on the World Net Daily website titled Blood Moons Tetrad is World’s 3rd Warning (direct link below).  Although reasonably long, this article is very interesting and timely, and the WND website takes the Blood Moons Tetrad to a wide audience.

The article incorporates (in full) Chapter 8 of Pastor Mark Biltz’ book on Blood Moons, titled (aptly) The Conclusion of the Matter!!  For those (like myself) who have not had the opportunity to read the Biltz book, this is a great read!  There is a very interesting paragraph commencing with ‘What a story’ that highlights the difference in destiny between Ruth and Orpah.  As we know, Ruth clung to Naomi and through marrying the Kinsman Redeemer Boaz (a type of our Redeemer) became grafted into the royal (Jewish) line that gave birth to David.

What I was not aware of is that historical records (Biltz mentions the Babylonian Talmud) indicate that Orpah begat Goliath, the enemy of Israel!  I have copied this paragraph below.

  • “What a story!  So Ruth and Orpah represent the church in the final days. Orpah means “the back of the neck;” she turned her back on Israel and returned to her pagan lifestyle.  The Babylonian Talmud says that Orpah begat Goliath, the enemy of Israel (Sotah 42b).  So here we have the final epic battle lines being drawn in the church in these last days.  The church will be divided between those who support Israel, work the harvest, and bring forth the Messiah, and those who turn their backs on Israel and form the one-world church. On one side will be those who love the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as David did, and this group will be small, as David was. On the other side will be the giant Goliath, the one-world church that hates God’s people and wants to see them destroyed.

What a journey it has been to and through the Blood Red Moons, and we owe a debt to Pastor Mark Biltz for first opening this T(Ruth) to us!  While we may not know what is about to unfold in September 2015, and the weeks and months following, we seem sure that Israel, the Church and the World will look back at this month as a very strong birth pang in God’s Eternal Purposes!!


Maranatha!!  Denis in Canbrerra (warming up after a cold winter - we even had a rare snowfall at our Church here!).