Chris K (30 Aug 2015)
"Living Temple Psalm"

John and all the Doves,

    I had desired to share the latest out-pouring of the Holy Spirit from my heart, but God prevented me....however, I have been led to share a Worship Psalm that was given to me last year that reveals the nature, character and authority of the Body of Christ as the "Living Temple of God" within us.
    I realize it takes great patience to listen to these, and much effort is needed to get past the fractured quality of my human voice, but, this Psalm is composed entirely from scripture, and, arranged(I assure you) by the Holy Spirit, so following along till the end can lead to great understanding of these "seemingly" disparate parts of the WORD!
     The WORD is a holograph(Holy-graph) of multi-dimensional facets, both physical and Spiritual...a tapestry that can be folded and enfolded upon itself to create new depths of meaning....depth of field...almost to infinity.
     No, not "almost".... it is thoroughly infinite, as Christ is infinite in His love for should we be for HIM! This is the image I have of Christ Jesus. Infinitely complex in the various facets of His nature, yet, ONE single, solitary and simple, cohesive whole...the fundamental single TRUTH in which all else is summed up...the same goes for His WORD. His LOVE for His children and His children's LOVE for Him!

part 1:

part 2:

                                                                                     your brother, Chris K.