Chris K (30 Aug 2015)
"response to Gerry Almond and all the Doves"

To Jerry Almond and all the Doves,
    I write this letter in hopes to clarify a revealed aspect of the WORD that has come to me only through WORSHIP and NOT by exegetical studies. It is not may intent to aggravate or disparage any man's doctrine, but, this one thing is so important to the Church, and, has become a major error of commonly held belief that I feel obligated to show what has been shown to me by the Holy Spirit...(in scripture, of course).
    I have attempted to show this doctrinal facet at least two or three times, but have found none that respond, and even felt as though it were being intentionally ignored....perhaps its just the Holy Spirit revealing to whom He will, and when He wills it!
     First of all, no where in the WORD of truth is the Holy Spirit referred to as OIL, or is there any place in scripture that uses OIL as an analogy for the Holy Spirit.
    With this being said There are many references to it being "used" in a ritual manner in Exodus and Leviticus, both for lighting, and, setting-apart(from the world), but this does not make it analogous to the Holy Spirit of Christ!
     Where it is used as an "analogous metaphor" is in Psalm 45 and Hebrews 1, both used in such a way that the "giver" of the OIL cannot be mistaken. God is the giver and the anointer of this OIL and uses the term with an qualifying pronoun... GLADNESS or REJOICING; "The OIL of GLADNESS" is the oil spoken of by Christ in Matthew 25, and make no mistake about it, this OIL is given through only one process....PRAISE and WORSHIP, you can't work for it, nor is it given for obedience to the LAW.
     You must use the "KEY of David", which is "WORSHIP in Spirit and in TRUTH"(not his divine right to rule, as many in the Church teach) to unlock the Heavenly gates and enter into the Throne room of our Heavenly Father that you may WORSHIP in Spirit and in Truth....THEN(and only then)is the "Golden Pipes" of Zechariah's "Two Olive Trees" able to flow from God to you and in turn "anointing you"(with the Spirit of Christ) and filling your lamps with the OIL of Gladness.
     What is the purpose of this OIL you ask? The OIL of GLADNESS is for the rejoicing voice of thankfulness and PRAISE to God for whatever He brings into your good or bad, that whatever trials and tribulations He provides that you be perfected like His SON Jesus, you will be able to rejoice in them, and give thanks for EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE...even when you don't understand the tribulations you have faced, the OIL of GLADNESS MAKES you able to bear them with confidence and joy...Just like Jesus...even unto death!
     So how do you get this OIL? First by praying to enter into the fellowship of HIS sufferings, and actually and willingly taking part in the New Covenant Cup WITH CHRIST instead of thinking He has done it all for you and you getting the blessings in whatever way you desire.
     The lord's Table is a ritual that actually points to a participatory and ongoing series of events that God will provide if you are willing to submit(if not, He knows it and holds back till the end).
     Which brings us to why we need the OIL of Gladness before the tribulation of the Last-Days arrives.
      Because if you have participated willingly and joyfully in the fellowship of His sufferings(before then), than you have walked with Him in your/His tribulations(and born your own cross) day by day and have been perfected already, and, therefore have no need of the final and dramatic tribulations of the Last-Days sufferings of the Saints (like getting beheaded and such).
     Prophetically speaking one way we can know that the OIL of GLADNESS is the OIL for the LAMPS of the BRIDE virgins is the very mention of lighting in Psalm 45 and the fact that it IS the Psalm of the BRIDE/QUEEN of the Saints in Christ.....
.....I would refer you to the Holy Spirit led revision of the 45th Psalm that I have posted on YouTube...

Psa 45:11  So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and(because you have) worship thou him.

Psalm 45:7   You love the truth and hateth lies;
                      for God, exaltedly,
                      Above thy fellows has with oil
                      of joy anointed thee.

                                                                                   soon, your brother, Chris K.