Charles (23 Aug 2015)
"The great deception coming"


The rapture cannot occur until the son of perdition is revealed and a falling away first occurs. Newton identified 9/24 as the date of the second coming could this be the revealing the beginning of great tribulation. Could a great deception be coming?

Read the verses in first Thessalonians read eziekial 38 read Mathew 24 read Luke 21 rread revelations did and seven.

Grant Jeffries identifies the day of Gog Magog not the year the day in our calander is the ninth month twenty fourth day the day in Jewish calander is december sixth. If you read revelations six and seven it seems the rapture occurs after a great earthquake and then the sun grows dark and the moon blood red. This means it cannot have been the March April tetrad occurances.

I think something is coming 9/23 I think that we need to be prepared. I think we also need to study and be hard and and rightly divide the truth and not have it spoon fed to us.

The rapture will occur it is my understanding at the sixth seal. Be a bare an and study to be wise to discern what is really occurring. A great deception is coming upon the Earth and the rapture use scripture as I am to discern the truth.