Adelissa (23 Aug 2015)
"Rosh Hashanah rapture"


Hello Dove readers,
    I haven't been keeping up with posts lately so this might have been mentioned, but I have been an avid rapture watcher since 2004 and just stumbled on an amazing possibility. I say possibility because I keep my mind open about the timing of the rapture. I do believe that the no man knows the day or hour is referring to the second coming not the rapture because I believe in dispensations and Paul said I tell you a mystery. It wouldn't have been a mystery if Jesus had already talked about it, yes?
    But I am a fallible woman and I have been wrong about other dates I was so sure of but I do believe all the spring feast days have been fulfilled and if God used those it makes perfect sense the rapture will fall on a Rosh Hashanah in the future.
    I know we should long for the rapture for all the right reasons but presently in my life my world is somewhat crumbling. Long and boring story but I would appreciate your prayers. So the rapture would be the Lord's ultimate deliverance for me and I have never been more homesick!
    However, I am mainly writing this to ask opinions, Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown, Sept 13th 6:48 PM Israel time. I read online that Jewish holidays are to be celebrated in your own time zone (aka when your sun sets where you are.) However, the rapture is a singular in the twinkling of an eye event. Not like a santa crossing the globe idea lol (not to compare reality to fiction but you get my drift.) So my best guess is God would use Israel time. After all, they were God's  chosen people and in some ways the tribulation is for them to have another chance to accept Jesus (my personal belief anyway as I believe the 144,000 in the bible are Jews who are saved.) as well as the whole world of course. So, converting that to my local time (CA) would be 8:48 AM pacific. I know the timing is slightly off but is anyone struck by how close this is to Sept 11th? I don't for a moment believe 9/11 was God's judgment as that isn't the dispensation we are in and you know there had to be Christians in there but I have always been taught that God uses all circumstances even our failings and sin to accomplish his perfect will. Does anyone think that is a sign? We won't have a Rosh Hashanah this close to 9/11 until 2018 (9/10) but for it to be a precursor the closest is 2026 (9/12). I sincerely hope we don't have to wait that long! However my main point is I am really thinking this is it! we are almost home! Come Quickly, Lord JESUS!!!
God Bless, Adelissa