Pastor Bob (31 Aug 2014)
""I Saw The Light!""

All Doves:

Prior to 1992, I was like most pastors and used the NIV or NKJV Bible.  I saw an advertisement in 'Pulpit Helps', a tabloid newspaper for clergy, that promoted a book 'Defending the King James Bible' by a Dr. D.A. Waite.  The price was reasonable and the subtitle was intriguing:  "A Fourfold Superiority: Texts, Translators, Techniques, and Theology".  So I placed an order for a copy. 

When I began ministry back in 1965, a pastor had two choices, either use the KJV Bible or the RSV.  Like most of my peers I was open to new translations, which I purchased as they came out. 

When I received the book I kept it with me in the car to read when the opportunity presented itself.  The author's academic credentials were stellar.  Consider Dr. D.A. Waite's qualifications:

    BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Classical Greek & Latin, 1948, University of Michigan.
    Th.M. (Masters in Theology) with high honors in New Testament Greek Literature and Exegesis, 1952,
                        Dallas Theological Seminary.
    MA (Master of Arts) in Speech, 1953, Southern Methodist University.
Th.D. (Doctor of Theology) with honors in Bible Exposition, 1953, Dallas Theological Seminary.
    Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Speech, 1961, Purdue University.

Dr. Waite holds teaching certificates from Pennsylvania and New Jersey in Greek and Language arts.  He has been a teacher in the areas of Greek, Hebrew, Bible, Speech, and English for over forty years.  He has been president of the Dean Burgon Society; and has authored over 700 articles, studies, books, etc.

Dr. Waite notes in his book that heretics Wescott & Hort made 5,604 changes in the Received Greek text.  The changes actually totaled 9,970 words, words added, subtracted, or changes made to the Received Greek text that had stood for 1,800 years.

The Textus Receptus (basis for the KJV Bible), which had been the standard for 1,800 years, with virtually no challenge by the church until Church of England Bishop Wescott and Professor Hort decided to create a New Greek Text.  As it turns out, the evidence supports the view that the KJV Bible is exactly as the author states.

Evidence to the fact is found in three areas:

    1.  Manuscripts
    2.  Ancient Versions
    3.  Church Fathers' writings

1)  As of 1967, the Textus Receptus manuscripts which have survived, as far back as 150 AD, number 5,255 complete copies.

2)  There are 5,210 ancient versions or copies of the Textus Receptus that date back to 150 AD of the early Church.

3)  The Dean Burgon Society cataloged more than 86,000 quotations or references to Scripture by the church fathers.

From 100-300 AD there are approximately 100 church fathers who wrote and referred extensively to the New Testament Textus Receptus.

From 300-600 AD there are approximately 200 church fathers who wrote and referred extensively to the New Testament Textus Receptus.

Defenders of the Truth concerning the Textus Receptus, i.e. the KJV Bible, are maliciously and deceitfully labeled as "King James Onlyism" and even someone on this site used the term "cultist" as if those that rely on the KJV Bible are some sort of miscreants.   The truth is to the contrary and those adhering to the KJV Bible are in fact the true preservers of the Truth of God.  Consider how three of the most favorite translations have been comprimised or corrupted:

The New American Standard (NASB) which paraphrases passages over 4,000 times.
The New International Versiion (NIV) which paraphrases passages over 6,653 times.
The New King James Version (NKJV) which paraphrases passages over 2,000 times.

The use of paraphrasing changes is just one example of how modern perversions have altered the Word of God.
These translations are not literal (word for word) translations; but have used "dynamic equivalency" to translate them into English.  The use of "dynamic equivalency" translation is dishonest, disobedient, it violates God's chosen text and deifies man.

The King James Bible is the only Bible in print today that maintains the integrity of a word-for-word translation.  Not withstanding that important point, it is based on an 1,800-year old Textus Receptus, that is mathematically validated by God's own code of self-authentication, the "Heptadic" Signature of God. 

The Dean Burgon Society maintains a library of over 2,300 titles concerning textual studies, KJV superiority, Bible preservation, inspirational matters, etc.  The Dean Burgon Society was raised up in 1978 as a protector of Truth and to refute the critics and adherents to the Wescott & Hort new Critical Greek Text, which has been a basis for the Nestle-Aland Greek text used at the Bible translating societies around the world today. 

Surprisingly, and I did not know this, until about three years ago, the Greek Orthodox Church does not use the Wescott & Hort New Greek text.  They use the Textus Receptus, and at a inter-denominational ministry breakfast sponsored by the local Masonic Lodge, I sat opposite a local Greek Orthodox priest.  In our conversation, he revealed that the Greek Orthodox Church has no confidence in the critical Wescott & Hort New Greek Text.  If your wonder about this event by the local Masonic Lodge, they were recruiting membership, on the basis of their good works efforts.  Do not believe the garbage that Masons do not recruit. 

The Roman Catholic Church adopted the Wescott & Hort New Critical Greek Text right out of the starting gate.  This is because their New Greek Text is favorably disposed to the RCC with many textual changes that support RCC doctrine.

Dean Burgon, for which the Dean Burgon Society is named, was a contemporary of Bishop Wescott and Professor Hort.  Dean Burgon referred to the two as "irresponsible scholars."  As history has revealed, he was openly critical of the heretic pair and wrote openly to that fact.

Many of those that despise the Textus Receptus (KJVB) are powerful advocates of the false revised text of Nestle-Aland or the United Bible society have attempted to distance themselves from the Wescott & Hort name and text of 1881.  In reality, with only minor changes, they are virtually identical.

Dr. William Grady in his book 'Final Authority' stated that "Wescott & Hort were a pair of unsaved liberals whose open sympathies cast them as the "consummate Jesuit plants."

Wescott & Hort lives on today through their influence of the methods blackened and corrupts every modern translation in use today.  Readers of the NIV, NASB, NKJV, NESV, NAB, REB, RSV, CEV, TEV, GNB, NRSV, Living, Phillips, New Jerusalem, New Century, NWT, and the TNIV.  There may be a few that I have forgotten to mention in this list of corrupted Bibles.  Readers of these modern translations are unaware that they are reading translations from a corrupted Greek text.  Without ever thinking or looking deeper into the matter, they blindly assume that every Bible is the same.

In concluding, any major translation that is based upon Wescott & Hort's New Critical Greek Text cannot be trusted, for it is based upon five manuscripts which do not even agree with one another.  The KJV, on the other hand, is based upon the Majority Text/Textus Receptus, with over 5,000 witnesses (copies dating to 150 AD) and that agree.

I did the research and saw the light of truth that shines bright.

Revelation 22:18-19 obviously was of no account to the minds of Wescott & Hort when they created their New Critical Greek Text, "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book.  If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from te words of this book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

The KJV Bible translators were made up of a total of six groups and they met at Cambridge, Westminster, and Oxford.  They began their work in 1604 and finished it in 1611, a total of seven years of group work.  Each group consisted of 6 or 7 men per group and up to 57 men altogether.  Not all were present at all times during the translation work.  Some of them involved in the project died before they finished the translation.  Each group translated a select set of books, and each read each others work.  Then each group read and reviewed the work of the other groups in their work. 

The translators did not accept the Apocrypha.  They considered it as merely history between the Old and New Testaments.  They stated as such emphatically that the apocrypha had no Scriptural standing.  It was included strictly as a history supplement to the KJV Bible.  Most of the men would have preferred to have omitted the Apocrypha knowing well what being included meant to Rome, because of the struggle between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church.  

The translators' names, their background, skills, qualifications, etc., are stellar and as such that it would require a book just to detail their excellence and qualifications. 

As I stated initially, I was not previously a "KJV onlyism" individual.  I conducted my own independent research at several theological seminary libraries to prove to myself, one way or anther, the truth about the King James Version Bible.  At my age, I don't give a lick if I'm called a KJVB only advocate, which is simply childish, ignorant mud slinging by education-challenged bigots against the Word of God.  Before the Internet, the world could be kept in the dark about Wescott & Hort and their fraudulent Critical New Greek Text.  However, with the Internet, the truth of the Wescott & Hort can never be silenced.  Hopefully others will see the light.

Throughout my college and seminary education, I often heard professors put down the KJV Bible as being antiquated, out of date, and it was time for something new.  Shamefully, I was too busy to investigate the veracity of those statements.  Now I am too old to make a difference.  None the less, I saw the light and have been a good workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth -(2 Timothy 2:15).


Pastor Bob