Pastor Bob (3 Aug 2014)
""Ashkenazi or Sephardic""

All Doves:

Most Christians are not even aware that not all Israeli Jews are Jews, and most probably couldn't care a lick.  Israel is a melting pot of folks that claim to be Jews.  Israel has a means of determining immigrant applications. Some of you may remember the African-American entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr., who converted to Judaism.

The facts are 90% of Israeli Jews are of the Ashkenazi sect.  Only 10% of Israeli Jews are Sephardic, the true Biblical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  This means 90% of those who call themselves Jews are not Jews in the Biblical sense of the word.

I have noted in other posts that the Sephardic Jews are persecuted in Israel today and they have no voice to speak on their behalf.  I could cite many examples of how they have been persecuted since 1948.

Back in the early 1990's the Israelis were seeking volunteers around the world to submit to DNA testing to determine whether they were Kohens, Cohens, Kolns, and descendants of the tribe of the Levites, those that served in the ancient Temple priesthood.  By 1996, they had identified those that submitted to DNA tests and met the genetic requirements.  The reason for this world-wide search was related to the plan to rebuild the Temple and the need to have descendants of the tribe of the Levites to fill the hundreds and even thousands of positions that would be required for Temple sacrifice and worship once the Temple is rebuilt. 

There is a reference in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 about the 'Synagogue of Satan', and those that called themselves Jews but are NOT Jews.  These two passages are prophetic but few people understood or recognized this fact back in the early 1990's and even today. 

While the existence of Israel as a state has been controversial and a stumbling block for humanity, the world was oblivious to the genetic distinction between the Ashkenazi sect and the Sephardics.  The Israeli government went to great lengths to maintain a low-profile publicity of this distinction.  As far as the world is concerned their all Jews and so what does it matter.

This distinction was written about many years ago by Professor Arthur Koestler, in a book titled 'The Thirteenth Tribe'.  This book was published back in 1976.  Mr Koestler's book traced the origin of Ashkenazi's back to the the Khazarian empire in central Eurasia, or what is known as the Ukraine today.  These became the eastern European Jews through conversion when faced with extinction by Gengis Khan.  The Mongels invaded the area known as Khazaria and gave the people the choice to convert to the Khan's belief or those of the Jews.  The people chose to convert to Judiasm.

Mr. Koestler's premise was "What if most Jews are not really Semites at all?"  He traced the movement of those convert Khazars from central Eurasia, the Step Plateau of central Russia over to and through to Poland and other Eastern European countries.  Following WWII, hundreds of thousand migrated to Israel and displaced thousands of Biblical Sephardic Jews.  Hundreds of thousands, later settled in what is today the Ukraine.   

As to modern day Israel, 90% of the Israeli Jews are descendants of the Bulgers, the Magyars, the Huns, and the Uigars.  They are NOT Biblical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Mr. Koestler's book is readable on the Internet and it provides source background material that confirms as to the "why" of the prophetic statement of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  While I have written about "Replacement" theology, I have not had time until now to fill in this portion of the story.  Lucifer wants to destroy all Biblical Jews, specifically to be able to call God a liar.  This is a part of the eternal struggle of God's "Chosen", but most people misunderstand this as well.  The national government of Israel is governed by an ulterior motive, and you may not understand this but they are hiding behind what we simply think of as Bible Jewish descendants.  They are essentially exploiting the Biblical message and claiming for themselves the promises of the Bible for the Biblical Jews.

In the last ten years or so more of this story has been made public than in the past hundred years.  I highly recommend Arthur Koestler's book and it can be located on the Internet in PDF format.  Many Jews in the USA and Canada distance themselves from Zionism and maintain low profiles wherever they live.  Criticism of Israel in America results in pushback and accusation of Anti-Semtism of anyone critical of Israel, but the demarcation of who is and who is not a Jew remains a major problem for Christians, churches, and ministries. 

While I abhor the Fascist tactics of the Israeli state, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and the Sephardic descendants living in Israel today.  I have several good friends that are Sephardic Jews and they are perplexed people because of what is happening in the world today, and with hatred of the Jew becoming as vile as it was during the 1930's in Germany, they feel the wrath of the world that does not differentiate in its wrath.  The Bible calls for us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  I know how this is going to unfold and play out but there is nothing any of us can do about it.  It is in God's hands.  This has eternal consequences and your best proof of what I am talking of here is in those two passages of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  You will see just whom the Synagogue of Satan is when you read 'The Thirteenth Tribe'.  Professor Koestler's book will be quite revealing for those taking the time to read it.

The fact that Israel today is predominantly made up of Ashkenazi Jews, will also help you to understand the plans for coming 3rd Temple, the Antichrist Temple.  When the Diaspora took place following the Roman destruction of the Temple and the holy city of Jerusalem, most of the Biblical Jews fled west or east.  They went west across North Africa, and across to Gilbralter into Spain and Portugal.  Those that fled east went to India, Persia, and even to China. 

Today, denominational leaders that have boycotted Israel and transferred their assets and pension fund assets have not bothered to understand the issues involved in Israel today.  They prefer to 'throw the baby out with the bath water'.  There is a level of ignorance in most denominational churches that defies any sense of reason on this issue.

The problems of "Replacement" theology further complicates the many aspects and issues because of what Professor Koestler reveals in his book.  This matter is so convoluted and something that only the Lord Himself can resolve.  When I watched the evening CBS news on 7/28/14, coverage of the Gaza war my thoughts were that we are seeing spiritual warfare being waged by both parties involved in this issue via Satanic means.  This is further assurance of the nearness of God's intervention and the coming Tribulation in which God will deal with Israel singlely.  The Church will be removed from the scene in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, an event that will turn the Israeli government and nation upside down once it becomes known that millions of Americans are gone.  The Rapture of the Church will serve as shock-therapy to the Israeli government and nation because for seventy years or so America has been Israel's only ally.  Think for a moment how you would react to such a reality if you were a Jew living in Israel.

Unfortunately, virtually all of the Bible prophecy scholars/teacher and television ministries do not discuss this issue.  I suppose it is the result of blind support for Israel.  From my perspective, their attitude, does not help the support for the true Jews, the Sephardics.  I cannot name one Bible prophecy teacher on the radio or television that makes a distinction in this matter, and that is a tragedy in my way of thinking.  I see it as disingenuous because there is an intentional effort to deceive their listeners by keeping these truths from their audiences.

In another post where I addressed the subject of the "British-Israelism" hoax, all of these issues were resolved through the completion of the Genome project which mapped the human DNA, and that included the issue of just who are the True Jews of the Bible?  This issue was discussed in a 2013 book, 'DNA, Science and the Jewish Bloodline' by Texe Marrs.  His book incorporated the research of geneticists at Johns-Hopkins University School of Medicine, along with other scientists and geneticists around the world studying the DNA of populations.

This book and its findings have gotten virtually no publicity in the religious press and media because it undermines the traditional idea of the people of Israel are God's "chosen".  Instead, Tex Marrs is labeled an "Anti-Semite".  I ordered the book just as it was released because as a Bible scholar, and as a student of history, I wanted to know the whole truth, regardless of what its implications might mean.  I trust these facts will help you as a Christian believer understand the dilemma for man, and how God will resolve the conflict.  

God bless,

Pastor Bob