Pastor Bob (17 Aug 2014)
""God's Heptadic Signature -3""

All Doves:

In this post on "God's Heptadic Signature" we will be looking at its existence in Genesis 1:1.  In the Hebrew text of Genesis 1:1, Ivan Panin carefully examined and discovered an incredible phenomenon of multiples of "Seven" that could not been explained by accident or random chance.  Genesis 1:1 is composed of "seven" Hebrew words containing a total of 28 letters.  In this very first of the Bible, Ivan Panin discovered 30 separate codes involving the number "seven", with the following being only a partial list:

1.   The number of Hebrew words equal "seven".
2.   The number of letters equal 28, or 7 x 4.
3.   The first three Hebrew words translated "In the beginning God created" contain 14 letters, or 7 x 2.
4.   The last four Hebrew words "the heaven and the earth" have 14 letters, or 7 x 2.
5.   The fourth and fifth words have seven letters.
6.   The sixth and seventh words have seven letters.
7.   The three key words:  God, heaven and  earth have 14 letters, or 7 x 2.
8.   The number of letters in the four remaining words is also 14, or 7 x 2.
9.   The shortest word in the verse is the middle word with "seven" letters.
10. The Hebrew numeric value of the first, middle and last letters is 133, or 7 x 19.
11. The Hebrew numeric value of the first and last letters of all "seven" words is 1393, or 7 x 199.

When professors of the mathematics faculty at Harvard University were presented with this Biblical phenomenon they naturally attempted to disprove its significance as a proof of divine authorship.  However, after valiant efforts these professors were unable to to duplicate this incredible mathematical phenomenon.  The Harvard scientists and mathematicians used the English language and artificially assigned numeric values to the English alphabet.  They had a potential vocabulary of over 400,000 available English words to choose from to construct to construct a sentence about any topic they chose.  Compare this to the limitations of word choices in the Biblical Hebrew language that has only 4,500 words choices available that the writers of the Old Testament could use.  Despite their advanced mathematical abilities and access to computers available today, computer and mathematicians have since been unable to come close to incorporating 30 mathematical multiples of "seven" as found in the Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1.

The fact is the number "seven" permeates the totality of Scripture because the number speaks of God's divine perfection and perfect order.  Ivan Panin discovered literally thousands of such mathematical patterns underlying all of the books of the Old and New Testament before his death in 1942.  As I recall, Panin offered a financial prize, the amount escapes my memory at the moment, but the prize went unclaimed.  He ran a large page ad in the 'New York Sun' and other newspapers, but no one had claimed the prize nor could explain his discovery.  The story soon was overtaken by other news that pushed Ivan Panin's discoveries to the pages of old news and ultimately into oblivion. 

These patterns Ivan Panin discovered appear in the vocabulary, grammatical forms, parts of speech, and particular forms of words.  When you consider the incredible details of this mathematical phenomenon you realize that the change of a single letter or word in the original languages of Greek and Hebrew would destroy the pattern.  Now you can understand why Christ Jesus declared that the smallest letter and grammatical mark of the Scriptures was preserved by God's Hand:  "For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from the law, till all be fulfilled."  -(Matthew 5:18).

In addition to the work of Ivan Panin, and others, the "Heptadic" Feature or "Heptadic" Structural Design is God's way of authenticating the Textus Receptus/Masoretic Text (the basis for the KJV Bible) as being genuine.  This was stated back in the early 1990's by Grant Jeffrey, author of many books on the Bible, Bible prophecy, and Biblical Studies.  From the beginning of the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1:1 we were provided this key.  The word or number "seven" is clearly identified with something being "finished" "complete" or "spiritually full". 

Just before I began my nearly year-long study on the "Theme of the Bride", I had nearly completed my own study of the "Theme of Seven in the Bible".  I spent six months, took a clean (no hand written notes) and began to highlight in color, the patterns, occurrences, and while I, for the most part completed the study, I have come to the conclusion that it is incomplete, because I discover new discoveries all the time that eluded me at the time I was focused on gathering the appearances in the KJV Bible.   My more recent discoveries have dealt with the "multiples" of "seven" of the less obvious occurrences.  One of the books of the Bible that are filled with "sevens" is the book of Revelation.  I believe, if my memory is correct, we find 54 different visible uses of the number "seven" in Revelation  There are others that are less obvious to the reader. 

It is my position that the "Theme of Seven in the Bible" has a number of purposes for its existence.  Many consider it as some sort of riddle, others recognize its spiritual connotations, but throughout my lifetime, I have felt God was impressing upon my spirit that this is a matter of disproving critics of the Bible.  That's evident by the fact you do not find this "Heptadic" Design in any of the other ancient Biblical manuscripts.  In fact, this is another reason to disregard the so-called "lost books of the Bible" and the Apocrypha, which have been computer analyzed to see if the "Heptadic" Factor could be found in those spurious works.  When Wescott and Hort set about to create a "New Greek" text, they used what have become to be known as suspect manuscripts, mostly having originated in Egypt.  By what we now know about how Wescott and Hort did to support Roman Catholic doctrine, changing, eliminating, and adding words, it becomes more conclusive that God foresaw the day when men would attempt to change God's Sacred Word.  This "Heptadic" Factor actually serves to discredit the heretics attempting to create their own Bible and passing it off as the real thing when in fact it was bogus. 

"CBS 60-Minutes" aired a segment in July of 2014, about an art painter, by the name of Wolfgang Beltracchi.  His paintings have brought him millions of dollars in a career that spanned 40 years.  His paintings made their way into the museums of the world, galleries, and private collections all over the world.  He painted fakes of famous artists, and painted what he thought the great masters might have painted, passing them off as works of the real masters.  He was exposed because of one minor little detail.  When asked if he thought he did anything wrong, by Bob Simon, of CBS, Wolfgang said, "yes, I used the wrong titanium white, yeah'.  What I thought was such an incredible twist to the story of this world-class forger, was the fact, that experts who are regularly called into authenticate a painting by some recognized painter, are no longer willing to put their name on the line because many of the paintings painted by Wolfgang Beltracchi, art experts have authenticated as genuine by world-recognized masters have since been exposed to be forgeries by Wolfgang Beltracchi.  Beltracchi's success in outwitting even the professional experts who authenticate paintings to be the genuine by a famous painter has stunned the art world, because no authenticating expert is willing to risk certifying a painting as genuine in case he has been tricked.  Art experts are very hesitant to use their expertise and the business of authenticating art works is risky business, for fear of legal matters.  Francis O'Connor is the world's top Jackson Pollock expert; and he says he can spot a fake Pollock in a second, but these days is keeping his opinions to himself.  He fears being sued for certifying a forgery as being genuine!

The point of sharing this illustration in the problem of authenticating the great masters of the art world analogy is to point out the wisdom and foresight that went into the Bible by the Creator of the world, most likely, had in mind, the likes of Wescott & Hort, and those that have offered counterfeit Bible texts as if it were simply a Rolex watch.  I have been told by a couple of jewelers the Rolex watch is the most counterfeited item in the world, and that was confirmed by an individual on a radio talk show that investigated knock-offs, and counterfeit products.  In the last twenty-five years, there have been hundreds of bogus manuscripts offered up as "lost manuscripts."  Their credibility of being genuine can still be tested by the use of the "Heptadic" Design.

Be blessed that God's Word can't be conterfeited,

Pastor Bob