Andy (31 Aug 2014)
"I believe I found it Re: my letter of 7/14/2014"


Thank you for posting my query.

Hello again. Andrew Moore from Lakewood NY,  I found it. Tishri is spelled Tav 400 - Siyn 300 - Reysh 200 -Yowd 10;  by addition adds to 910. Therefore, Tishri 1,  will add to 911. So that on 9-11-1999 when the end of Man's day occurred on the Jewish New Year Tishri 1, 5670, it really was a double wake up to USA and Israel, as it were, coming directly from Scripture: 9-11-1999 and Tishri 1, 5760 falling on the same day;- two different Calendars agreeing to end-time. God knows the end from the beginning.

But, look at this: Exactly a year later on Tishri 1, 5761, which occurred on Gregorian 9-29-2000, Islamist jihad extremists began their 2nd Intifada (holy war) attack on God's Holy Mount in Jerusalem against God's People, Israel. If you were to take these two dates from the Gregorian month, day and year and multiply them in a string like this: 9111999 and 9292000, the result will become 2125764 (9x1x1x1x9x9x9x9x2x9x2x0x0x0=2125764); that number 2125764 divided by 6000 (for the 6000 years of man's time ended) will result in 354.294. That number 354.294 is the exact amount of days it takes for the Moon to circuit the Earth at 360 degrees as the Earth travels a circuit of 360 degrees in one year at 365.242 days around the Sun; That is an Eleven-day difference in time between the Moon and Earth.

That is not all. The two years that these events occurred were both on Tishri 1, which occurs on the first appearance of the New-Moon each year, year by year, thus beginning the Feast of Tabernacles and the Day of Blowing of Trumpets. Unger's Bible Dictionary under Feasts, tells us that on this day and evening the Priests chant psalm 81 and in the evening sing psalm 29, while trumpets blow throughout the day in Jerusalem. If you reverse those two numbers 81 and 29 that will be 18 and 92; 18 times 92 equals 1656 Noah's Flood occurred on year 1656 from the beginning of Adam's time. The number 1656 squared is 57.6 rounded up (1656 squared = 40.693979898751 times itself = 1656 x 2 = 3312  squared = 57.55 or rounded up 57.6); 92 plus 18 equals 110, 29 plus 81 equals 110. The number 110 is a type of the-end; see the end of the last chapter in Genesis and in the end of the book of Joshuah,  Joseph died at 110 years and Joshuah died at 110 years; 110 = "Most High" Hebrew Ayin-70 Lamed-30.Yowd-10 addition. If you multiply the numbers 81 times 29, the result is 2349 and the digits of 2x3x4x9=216, will multiply to 216, which is the Moon number for its diameter in miles (2160 miles).

You will find that in Psalm 29, it tells of the-flood-(MBL)- Hebrew, multiplied in a palindrome 40x2x30x30x2x40=5760(000). The number 5760 divided by 4 to form a square will have sides measuring 144(0) each. The Hebrew word used for "flood" is used but once in the entire Old Testament outside of the book of Genesis where the flood actually occurred, only in  Noah's time. That one-time is in Psalm 29. Both psalm 29 and 81 speak of judgment and end times. The Earth, Moon and Sun are the Signs and witnesses. If you take the digits of the two psalm numbers and multiply them the result is 144: the number for circle in Hebrew is  Cheyth-8 Vav-6 Giymel-3 multiplied 8x6x3 = 144. A circle is a type of the end. The number 5760 divided by 4 to from a square will be 144(0) each of the four sides. Zeros are place holders in gematria. The four corners of the square at 90 degrees each total 360 degrees. A step further would be to take the volume of the square which becomes  20736, which is the twice the number of the Hebrew sacred cubit for the foot of 10368, making it two-feet; divide that number again by four to form a square, the sides become 51840, which is the number for thirds in a 24-hour day hour of time, a circuit (24-hours times 60 minutes = 1440  time 60 seconds = 86400 times 60 thirds = 5184000. Take that same square whose sides measure 5184000 and draw a circle around that square, deleting the zeros and the result will be 23041 as circumference; therefore, if you take the circumference and divide by four, the result of the four arcs will measure 5760 each rounded; Each arc is 90 degrees times 4 = 360 degrees (Take the digits 23041 in a palindrome and multiply them, the result is 576 [2x3x0x4x1x1x4x0x3x2=576]. 

 The year following is 9-11-2001 when  Islamist jihad extremists attacked  the World Trade Center in New York City, USA. Here. I include the two previous dates by multiplying the digits, so, let me do it like so:
Now take the result of the digits 6561, 324,18 and multiply them in a line 6x5x6x1x3x2x4x1x8=34560; divided by six for man's days ended, and the result is 5760- the Day of the SPIRIT- P-N-E-U-M-A in Greek = 5760-end; the digits multiplied  3x4x5x6x0=360. END

This means that God knew  the End from the Beginning and gave it to us in as simple terms as possible that even a grade school student could figure it. 5760 minus 3456 = 2304. Divide the number 2304 by four to make a square and the four sides will be 576. The diagonal of that square will be 814 rounded down =  "GOD," by addition, Theta-9 Epsilon-5 Omega-800.  Mark 10:27

                                                                     Here is some Miscellaneous stuff

Look up Ussher and Halley in Webster's, James Ussher is credited with Bible Chronology and Halley with discovering the Harbinger return of comets. There was a comet called 1760 called the Great Comet; this occurred 240 years prior to year 2000; Is this a coincidence? The Beginning of the dating of Calendars is said to be dated from the Nippurians in year 4240 BC, which occurred at the rising of the star Sirius as seen from Heliopolis in Egypt during the rising flood season over the Nile river. Take the year 4240 BC plus 1760 AD added will be 6000 years. In the year 1760 ("God reigns" = 176(0) Psalm  47:8-Hebrew gematria). A comet appeared in the year 1760 called, C/1760 A-1 The Great Comet. 176 times 6 equals 1056 is number-year that Noah was born.

The rising of the star Sirius at the flood season appears every 1460 years, which means the last time will have been the year 1600 AD, so  the next rising will occur in the year 3060 AD. Ussher died in the year 1656, and Halley was born in the year 1656.

Thank you again for your help John.

I pray many blessings to you and yours, and the Doves,