Luis Vega (8 Aug 2013)
"Luis Vega's Logo - Compass and Square"


Hello JW, Et al

Yes, my logo looks somewhat sinister no? :) Well it has a multi-level meaning behind it. It basically is just an artistic monogram of my last name, VEGA. I am no fan of the Masons nor occultist but as they mimic the LORD's symbols, letters and numbers for their own evil purposes and so called 'hidden' knowledge, I use that same principle to reverse their curses on them as they use & perverse GOD’s symbols, pentagrams to conjure up demons, ‘stars of david’ which are used to cast spells as in hexing… hexagram, etc.

One has to have discernment in ascribing what is of the LORD and not as we need to ‘test the spirits’ in all things, especially with what is happening in the Sun, Moon and Stars the LORD told us to watch like a clock on a wall. Just because the fallen one utilizes the same symbology does not mean we as Followers of Christ with Spirit filled minds cannot attempt to cut to the dividing of soul and spirit; to the deep things of the LORD.

I share a small but profound observation that spoke to me from the lesson at my men’s group last evening. Since we have the mind of Christ, 2 Timothy 2v7 states… ‘the LORD will give you insight into all this’. I believe the LORD has given His Bride insight as to what is about to occur and what symbols are and know if it is for good or evil.

We do have to be careful because there can be a ‘grey area’ that may appear ‘Christian’ but is not. It is the same principle that is used in the world by such entities as the Masons and occultists due to sin and the Fall of humanity. For example, Jesus calls Himself the ‘Bright and Morning Star’ in Scripture…yet in other places, satan is ascribed as the…’son of the dawn’ (per some translations). Or that the world calls ‘good evil’ and ‘evil good’. Also how Christ called Himself the ‘Light of the World’, yet lucifer is ascribed to be the true ‘Light-bearer’…etc. With that in mind I chose to design my artistic logo based on my Last Name using some letter and number associations that in themselves are harmless, but used by some types do have power.

The 1st meaning of the monogram of my last name VEGA is that it is an upside down masonic compass and square...I chose to have it be reversed from their perversed symbols & ‘upside down’ it as they have done that to the LORD’s creation, numbers, sacred geometry and symbols. Realize that the LORD used symbols too. For example, each Tribe of Israel that was encamped about the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, much like an Army camp or platoon had a standard/logo of sorts. Astonishingly, each was a sign of the Zodiac/Mazzaroth or the constellations. Look it up.

The 2nd meaning is that it is actually a simple letter-number rendition of my last name V E G A. If you notice carefully,

-V the square,
-e one of the '6s' that make an 'eye'
-G the other 'eye' or swirl of the Compass knob 
-A the compass

The 3rd meaning is that since I was born in 1966, the ‘G’ and the ‘e’ as the swivel of the compass denotes the 66 for 19-66.

The 4th meaning is that I have it vertical with my last name going horizontal so when one would read my name "VEGA" across, the e and g, become 'eyes' looking back at you!

No doubt some of ‘them’ have noticed the work as my schools staff profile website has been attacked and complaints lodged to take it down. So if you want the charts, download all of the now before it will -at some point be taken down. As I was encouraged to go public with my charts despite my dyslexia, I realized that I would be opening myself, my wife to spiritual attack, more than normal. I have been done much harm as a result to me and my marriage as a result of intense spiritual attacks as the Last Days and Years are ending…but with the LORD's protection, we are to be as Bold as Lions and more than conquerors.

I have had the NSA, Department of Defense, & Department of Homeland Security download my charts for example and they ‘see’ my site as do many others…so that is why I use ‘I see you too’ as a way to convey that as Followers of Christ, the LORD has given us insight and understanding to see prophetically too; we need to see the signs and not be like the Pharisees that could discern a coming storm in the sky but not the LORD’s 1st coming from the signs in the Heavens that the LORD obviously expected them to know….So I am attempting to be vigilant too and ‘see’ with both eyes and not just the ONE that the illuminists ascribe to…of what the LORD has allowed me to see and thus share with others to spur on interest and perhaps have some even be saved and come to the saving knowledge of Christ’s work on the Cross and encourage those on the Wall watching and waiting to
realize just how close we are to the Blessed Hope based on the signs of the Sun, Moon and Stars and current world events.

The signs & symbols or ‘logos’ of the soon return of the LORD for His Bride are overwhelming and surrounding us in these last End of Days….it is hard to keep up with so many events & sometimes there is much discouragement as work, home and ministry as it all seems to be falling apart. Yet we need to be pressing on even if it be a crawl but
realizing that the ‘one hand has to do the work while the other holds a sword’ as the Wall is being built despite feeling so spiritually week and ineffective to change the very ones you love. That spiritual Wall of the Church, the Bride is almost finished! But still, we must watch and wait....and if need be, be carried over the finish line into GLORY -carried and upheld in the arms of our caring and loving Shepherd.  Feel free to share this explanation to those that have asked about it.

Blessings to you and your family,
Psalm 27