Grace (8 Aug 2013)
"Terror Attack ~~~ Rapture Dream ~~~ Summer 2013"

John & Doves:
Paula Marie had this very detailed dream published on 6 AUG 2013. It is about 2 moons and/or 2 suns in the sky that I believe many of us have already heard of. Please read and discern, thank you.
Also, later part in the comments section, I saw this...
Amber Hunt: "What was your fourth vision for mid aug did you write it dwn ??? Because i keep gettin vision of aug,apples and leaves"
Paula Marie: "I made a video of a vision I had of Children picking apples. Apple picking time is around mid August. I was thinking an event will happen, not sure if its the rapture or something else. I hope its the rapture! :) "
I had a dream last night of a terror attack happening, which appeared to be in the summer months, then the rapture occurred. Also there was a vision I had about Jesus looking like the moon, (the appearance of two moons) on the night side of the world. But my dream was in the daytime and He looked like the sun (appearance of two suns) on the day side of the world.

I wanted to share with you the third thing the Lord showed me, but now the Lord showed me something else, and I will get to that, I promise! Last night the Lord gave me this dream and I know it was about the rapture. By the way, many people are sending me dream an visions that had just recently about the rapture. When I saw this in my inbox, it really lifted my Spirits, because seeing all these things made me realize that today was a different day. God is really pouring out. The vision I had before, where there were four parts and so far the three parts of the vision had happened. And I had noticed that they were all 6 weeks apart. Now the last part is approaching and if this vision holds true, we are looking at the middle of August for the last part to be fulfilled. Before I can tell you about my dream, I have to tell you about a vision the Lord gave me about a week ago. I was going to put it up, but there have been so many things the Lord has been showing me that it kind of gotten shuffled to the back, but it's a short vision, so I will tell you about it now. It explains why so many people have had dreams about the moon being at the time of the rapture, or somethng about the moon.

In my vision, it was nightime, I looked up at the sky and saw a circular object coming through the sky. It looked like a small bright light and it was moving quickly. But as I kept watching it was getting bigger and bigger and it was coming closer to me. Then I saw this light in the sky right next to the moon. It was the same size, same color and same shape as the moon. For a minute it appeared as though there were two moons in the sky. But this object kept getting closer and brighter until the whole area was illuminated with it's light. I knew that this was Jesus. Those who are going in the rapture and are standing outside looking at the sky would see this view of Jesus coming. This explains the dreams people have had of seeing two moons, or Jesus in the moon etc. But if you are on the other side of the world at the time of the rapture it would be daytime, and the light you would see would be the same light, except that it would appear to look like the sun, two suns in the sky, since its daytime. This brings me to the dream I had last night.

In this dream, I was a young person at the amusement park. I had a friend with me and we went on this ride. The ride was like a hanging coaster but with single seats. I saw what I was wearing, shorts, tennis shoes, tee shirt. This ride went way up in the air so I could see everything in the park down below. Anyway as we were going up, I saw an explosion taking place down below. It looked like a train had derailed and there was a red or orange cloud coming out of it. I heard the radio playing and it said that the cloud was pepper gas. This cloud kept getting closer and closer to us. Everyone was running for cover. I started to panic because I was stuck on this ride up in the air and couldn't get down. I started thinking well maybe it will just burn a little because I was trying to comfort myself and my friend. But just before the gas got to us, I looked up and their was this light that looked like the sun, a circular object,coming closer and closer. It was moving very fast and looked like it was falling on us. I put my hands over my head and everything turned very bright. Then I woke up.

This is how I interpreted some of this dream. It looks like there will be a bomb going off, maybe a chemical bomb, an attack of some sort? Then the rapture occurred at the same time. The clothes I was wearing and the amusement park seems to suggest that this could happen during the summer months, or when its still warm and the amusement parks are still open. I can't say for 100% certaintly that it means the rapture will happen in the summer yet, but this dream seems to suggest it. This dream gave me tons of encouragement! He is coming soon! God bless!