Carol Garza (8 Aug 2013)
"Feast of Trumpets"

Hi all,
I don't write often but do keep up with the 5 doves.

2 weeks ago I had a dream in which I saw the words "Away in a manger".  Unable to remember the words to the Christmas Carol in my dream, I woke myself up to look up the song.

Initially, I figured since I love and speak to the Lord Jesus so very much, the Holy Spirit gave me a tender, sweet loving song to show me He is listening to me.

A few days later I was reminded that song pertains to the Lord's first coming.  And maybe just maybe the Holy Spirit was nudging me to pay attention to the Lord's SOON return.

Of course, I am always praying "Come Lord Jesus".

Anyway, I was led to some you tubes on the rapture and the feast of Trumpets.

So now the dream makes even more sense!!!  We are approaching the Feast of Trumpets, an appointed time not yet fulfilled.  1 Thessalonians 4, tells us Jesus will come with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel and the TRUMP of God.

Perhaps it will be at this Feast next month we will hear the Shout, the Voice of the Archangel and the TRUMP of God.

I sure hope we are finally nearing the Rapture!!!  Every year, since 2007, I have been extra watchful for the Lord's return.  I became a little weary and lax last year but my excitement is growing again

There are compelling clues the Lord is returning for us on the feast of trumpets.

The year has alluded us.  Perhaps it won't this time around.  Could this be the reason the Holy Spirit gave me this dream at this particular time?  To pay attention to the coming fall feasts, especially the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah.

Isn't it also interesting that Secretary of State is giving the Palestinians and the Israelis 9 months to come up with a peace treaty?

And the Blood moons in 2014-15 also are compelling signs!

Could our Beloved KING Jesus truly be coming thus time around?

I hope so. I pray so!  Whether He does or not, His soon return is so very, very soon!

Blessings to all and Glory with Praise to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Carol Garza