Benny (17 Aug 2013)
""The 188-day Countdown to a Feast of Tabernacles Rapture!?"

The 188-day Countdown to a Feast of Tabernacles Rapture!?

Hi Doves,

Throughout the years there have been many FiveDove "watchers" who have posted excellent articles pertaining to the likelihood
of the Rapture occurring during a future Feast of Tabernacles.
And more specifically, a possible Rapture on the 8th day of Tabernacles - Shemini Atzeret, "The Assembly of the 8th Day".
This year Shemini Atzeret(22 Tishri) falls on Sept 26th(2013) - the end-date of the 188-day countdown ........

(1) The Starting Point of the Countdown, March 22, 2013  -- A Monumental "Time-Marker" :

(a) "322"(or "3-22"-Mar22nd) is the "Skull and Bones"(Illuminati) "secret number" displayed on their logo.

(b) Many students of prophecy believe that "The Abomination of Desolation" was set up on Mar 22, 2013 when Obama visited
The Church of the Nativity in Israel.

(c) Jan 9, 2009 + 1260 days = Mar 22, 2013.
(Jan 9, 2009 - Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize).

(2)Key Word Study of Number 188 :

(a) Hebrew Dictionary(Lexicon - Concordance) >>H188<<
#0188 - owy
probably from H0183(in the sense of crying out after)

Hebrew Word Study(Transliteration) :
(1) woe! alas! oh!

(1a) passionate cry of grief or despair

Browns - Driver - Briggs(O.T. Hebrew - English Lexicon) :
probably from H0183(in the sense of crying out after); lamentation;
also interjectionally, oh! - alas, woe.

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary :
oy(17a); a prim. interj.; woe!

(b) Greek Dictionary(Lexicon - Concordance) >>G0188<<

accusative case of a noun("acme") akin to ake
(a point) and meaning the same

Greek Word(Transliteration) :
(1) a point
(2) extremity, climax, acme, highest degree
(3) the present time

Thayer's(N.T. Greek - English Lexicon) :
accusative case of a noun("acme") akin to (a point) and meaning the same;
just now, that is, still - yet.

Strong's(Greek Dictionary of the N.T.) :
akmen - acc. of the same as 187, at a point of time. ..............

So, what's the message when we connect the dots between Hebrew #0188 and Greek #0188?? ...
In a nutshell, ......"The cry of grief and despair will soon reach it's climax(188 days from Mar 22, 013 = Rapture/Sudden Destruction?).

(3) The 188-day Eatrthquake Cycle :

Quakes #1&2 of cycle .......

(1) Feb 27, 2010 - 8.8 mag. - Concepcion, Chile.

(2) Sept 4, 2010 - 7.1 mag. - Christchurch, New Zealand.

There appears to be an amazing correlation between the first and second earthquakes of the "188-day Eathquake Cycle", and
the starting and ending dates of the 188-day countdown  ........

Feb 27, 2010(Concepcion, Chile) + 188 days = Sept 4, 2010(Christchurch, New Zealand), and ........

Mar 22, 2013 + 188 days = Sept 26, 2013 :

The "conception" on Mar 22, 2013 + 188 days to the "birth" of "Christ's Church" on Sept 26, 2013!?

(a) The Birth of the Manchild :

Rev 12  -- A picture of the "catching away" of the Bride or Child who believed in Christ. The "Child" is taken to safety unlike
her mother, "corporate Israel", who does not believe in Jesus ......

Rev 12:5, "And she(representing the"woman" Israel) brought forth a man child(gave birth to Christians) who was to rule all nations
with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up(the Rapture) unto God, and to his Throne".

(b) The Restrainer :

2 Thess 2:7, "For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only[He who now restrains(the Bride of Christ)] willo do so until
he is taken out of the way'......(on Shemini Atzeret?).

Shemini - means the number 8(8th day of Tabernacles), and Atzeret - means "holding back" or restraining.....Will the "restrainer
be "taken out of the way"(Raptured) on the 8th day of Tabernacles ......Sept 26, 2013?!!
The Christchurch earthquake could very well be the sign of the Bride of Christ leaving this world!! .......Will you be ready when the
Bridegroom arrives??

                                                                                                                   ybiC - Benny