Randy (22 Aug 2012)
"Even Goldman Sachs says:  DUMP Stocks before the Fiscal Cliff at end of the year"

The DOMINOs are all lined up!!
NOTHING was fixed, financially, in the last 2 years. 
NOT in the US
NOT in Europe
NOT in China...they've been lying about their GDP numbers for years...it will one day be revealed!!
but what the US congress DID DO 12 months ago, when they were messing with the US Debt/Spending, etc etc......they put in automatic CUTS that will go into effect IF they don't do anything before those deadlines run out.
Then.....WATCH OUT!! 
However.....I think, BEFORE THAT.....we hvae the Rapture, possibly in just under 4 weeks.
Rosh Hashanah, 2012!! 
www.2012RoshHashanahRapture.com  Are we now less than 4 weeks from the Rapture???
The dominos are ALL LINED UP....and everything goes POOF!!,  right after the Rapture.
And, things are SO CLOSE in the Middle East for Israel to go after Iran/syria!!
Article:  Are We Doomed?   answer:  YES!!  Unless....you are Saved by Jesus Christ!!
PS....LOTS of great posts yesterday.  EVERYBODY is looking at Rosh Hashanah, next month, with LOTS of anticipation!!