Jovial (10 Aug 2012)
"Luke 10: Why "Lightning from heaven" does not refer to BO"

Yesterday, someone made the following claim;

Luke 10:18 "And he said to them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."

In Aramaic (the language Jesus was speaking), “lighting” is pronounced as “BARAK”, and “from Heaven” is pronounced “U VAMA” or “U BAMA”. In other words, Jesus said: “I beheld Satan as BARAK U BAMA”


This is not true.  "Baraq U Bama" means "Lightning and height" not "lightning from heaven".  "Height" here could refer to something that lifts you up.  The Aramaic Peshitta of Luke 10:18 has been around a long time and reads, "Lightning from heaven" = "ברקא מן שמיא " = "barqa men shmaya".  So if the logic to the previous assertion is correct, then we are looking for an AC by the name of "Barqa Men Shmaya."  In Hebrew it would be pronounced "Baraq min shamayim", so any attempt to associate BO with this verse works better in Hebrew than in Aramaic, but in both languages it fails.



Shalom, Joe