Will Schumacher (8 Aug 2011)
"peleg and 1335"

My belief is Daniel 12:12 and the 1335 days refer to the rapture.

The rapture is a division of people-those protected and hid with Christ vs those going through the great tribulation.  Each group has chosen its king-Christ or the devil

H1335=part or piece-part of an animal cut in 2 for sacrifice

It comes from H1334 meaning divided or cut in 2

H1335 is used for the first time in this verse with H1334

Genesis 15:10 And he took unto him all these, and H1334 divided them in the midst and took each H1335 piece  one against another:  but the birds H1334 divided he not

H1335 is centered between  both H1334’s on the strongs side and has a gematria of 2579

2579=622 + 1335 + 622   622=enoch born after 622

A true bracket

1335 is a bracket

526 + 283 + 526

Verse 283 Eber lived 34 years and begat Peleg

Verse gematria =2190=6x365 the age Enoch was raptured at

Peleg means division and has gematria of 113-the age Lamech was at Enochs rapture

The 283rd prime number is 1831

Verse 130 Gen 5:24  gematria=1831   Enoch walked with God and was not for God took him

1831 also a true bracket of 527 + 777 + 527

Verse 260 (2x 130) Gen 10:25 Unto Eber were born two sons-the name of one was Peleg: for in his days the earth was divided: and his brothers name was Joktan

Total verse gematria=2387=526 + 1335 + 526

I use 526 because I believe 526 stands for 5/26/12 pentecost .  This is 1335 days after the dow dropped 777 points on the feast of trumpets.  Feast of trumpets 2008 ( beg jewish year 2009) was exactly 3430 years form 1422 bc entrance into promised land as per calendar of years I believe God is using)


 will schumacher