Will Schumacher (4 Aug 2011)
"interesting notes about 265"

This 265 number is very interesting

It is part of this base conversion

265 dec=411 oct =109 hxd

265 people died on the planes in 9-11 and 411 emergency workers died in 911

109 is a known destruction number per clay cantrell

3 interesting things

1- the current pope is the 265th pope and was elected on 4-19-05.  4-19 is day 109

so we have 109 and 265 associated with the current pope.  Only 411 is missing

I am not trying to say he will be the false prophet.  I am only posting this because it is interesting


2- Both Ron Reese and I believe 4-11-12 Satan is cast down and the 1260 days begin to 9-23-15.  We get there by different means but that is ok.  in a leap year such as 2012  4-11 is day 102 but if you count backwards from dec 31 it is day 265.  Someone posted on here awhile back that his pastor friend was told by God that it is proper to count backwards in a leap year


3 I posted this previously about 8-02

All major events that I look at that were man made an not natural disasters were tied to 8-02 by rapture destruction numbers.  the biggest one used was 265

7-4-1776 birthday of america to 8-02=265 x 324 days

10-19-87 black Monday stock market crash to 8-02 =48 x 181 days

265 oct=181 dec

Dec 7, 1941-pearl harbor to 8-02=265 X 96 days

265 again

The dow ended up dropping 265.87 points that day. A curious number for God to use when the debt bill was passed and everything "seemed to go back to normal"


I don't know what the outcome of 8-02 will be.  Was it nothing?  Because of it will we be downgraded by Moodys and Standard and Poors.  IS it the beginning of the financial downfall of America so that we can't "protect" Israel anymore?  Will the debt committee that gets set up do nothing and therefore our defense budget is slashed so deeply we become vulnerable?  Only time will tell.


Another intersting note about 109

It was 57 x 109 days between space shuttle disaster columbia and challenger

will schumacher